Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coldplay for my 3rd time.

Laying on the grass {outdoor arena} with my loves.
it was so great because my friend Brian who lives in Dallas {who i haven't seen in forever} bought tickets for him and my friend {old roomie} katy who was flying in from kansas that night. How perfect it worked out... and what a way to first meet someone {ya they hadn't met yet}.
we had an AMAZING time!!!

me and my bro-in-law are seriously their biggest fans. seriously.
oh they did not disappoint. During Yellow, balloons flew everywhere and i wanted one so bad. Philip grabbed me one, and because they know how much i love this band, my friends took turns holding it throughout the concert.

"Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah they were all yellow..."

it was darling friend's first time seeing my beloved band, and i have to hope maybe he understands why i love them so. That when i'm sad or cleaning house, this is the reason i blast their music. i'm glad we got to share this experience together. oh, and thanks for my new CP shirt! i love it. and i love you, you know.

Coldplay... til we meet again xo


Stephanie Belen said...

too cute is the second to last picture! :) and i'm pretty jealous of that huge yellow balloon! it's huge! and it's yellow! *smiles smiles smiles* i'm having one heck of a good morning and so my enthusiasm is overflowing for you! hahaha!

The Socialite said...

How fun!! I am ubber jealous - I have YET to see them! Summer concerts are they best aren't they? :) Coldplay is so always so perfect to play during rainy days, when you need to feel, calm peaceful or bad days, when you've had a bad fight...etc. They're always the go-to!

Anonymous said...

m - so jealous, never seen them live before, it's on my list.

have seen a few concerts at the metroplex when i lived in tejas, great venue.

ps love the pics

esther said...

luckkyyyy! that sounds fantastic. i've been to two of their concerts...but i have to say the best one was when we were outside on the grass as well....what is it about that that just makes it SO much better?
at least that's what i think.

Farah said...

Omg that sounded like so much fun! I would kill to see them! *sigh*
anyways glad to know that you enjoyed it like crazy! wootwoot!

heisschic said...

ooo love the shirt!!! whered you get it?

Micaela said...

Esther- I completely agree with the whole outside experience. It makes it SO MUCH better. What exactly is it? :)

H- forever 21. Here's the link:

:) i hope that works! let me know.

Carol said...

I went to Coldplay a few weeks ago and LOVED it!!! It was a wonderful show!

Micaela said...

Carol I KNEW you would love it!!! and you got to enjoy it as I finally did- outdoors on the grass. seriously, it made it THAT much better. Didn't you loooove their suprise set-ups? i love how they always do that, so genuine and humble. Like it means a lot to them that you're there.

I totally forgot (in my excitement!) about the Billie Jean tribute. AMAZING!!! did they do the cell phone wave? ha i loooove Chris Martin. AMAZING man, amazing voice, amazing band.

i love your pics!

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