Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i feel a good cry coming on...

it is just one of those days.
i'm sleepy.
have the worse cramps.
i'm broke.
i feel pathetic.
i feel like i'm going to cry at any minute.
i have a big work project but i can't stay focused.
i feel ugly.
i feel unhappy for all the above reasons.
i couldn't even get a hold of my bf to vent this morning
{yes, my bad day started on my way to work}
i have a lump in my throat because i want to cry.

and i know it could all be because it's "that time of month"
but i think i would welcome a good cry with open arms.

it is just one of those days.

*pic via style within.


Anonymous said...

m - i wish i could give you hug...
email if you need.

Micaela said...

i love you M.
and i wish you could give me a hug because i truly think hugs can make all the difference.

you are a sweetheart! xo

Ash said...

I hope you had a good cry... I know I had one last night. Quarter-life crisis! I hate that.

I hope you feel better today. I do. Just a little though. (Being a girl can be such a bummer sometimes--especially around a certain time of the month...)

Krissa said...

I wonder if it is something about today. I am having a bad day too...someone is really trying to bring me down.
Just know you have lots of people out here who adore you and wishing you the best!
Sounds like your day got a little better :)
And a good cry never hurts!


umama said...

I HATE those lumps! My sister and I always talk about those lumps... and God forbid someone asks you if everything is okay... its OVER!

I recommend a shower.. the best place to cry! And you can always blame the puffy eyes on the hot water :0)

Geisslein said...

A email-hug from me too...I really know that time...bääh...not nice!But look...there is the sun, somewhere, and tomorrow will be a new and great day ;o) btw: You definitively NOT UGLY! sunny smile from germany, geisslein

Micaela said...


exactly! when someone is so nice to you that it just makes the tears come. Agreed, a shower is the best place to cry but while at work- it's the storage room. lol i've ducked there a few times...

Geisslen, you're such sunshine. thank you darling! and yes, today is a new day and i'm in muuuuch better spirits.

xo darling girls

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