Monday, July 20, 2009


"You see, it didn't have to be in the dark, after all.

It could start in the light. There would be hours of darkness later, sure, when in the moon-cast blue they'd wander over and over this new terrain, learning the lay of the land as much by touch as by sight. There would be that long nighttime, enjoying the obscurity of being in each other's arms.

But here was the revelation: it could start in the light.

Those uncounted hours alone in her sleepless room had taught Flannery something, after all.
That in love, she could face illumination."

-p 93.

i spent all saturday enthralled in reading.
i finished this book and delighted in it.

*pic: restart my heart

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The Socialite said...

Ooh I love that last part! It's very true. :)

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