Thursday, July 9, 2009

MIXED feelings.

our baby Maverick went to the vet today because i noticed a small knot underneath her skin by her shoulder. The doting Mommy I am, OF COURSE i was worried.

maverick's vet was out for summer vacation and rather than wait til they got back, darling friend suggested we take it to my twinkie's vetenarian.

she had her appt at 9:30 and LUCKILY the vet said it was probably from her last shot, because it was the big shot. BUT! she said that Maverick probably wasn't a bichon frise, but a maltese. I was shocked because i had my suspicions, even though she had her AKC registered bichon papers.

She looks different than Lola, but I just figured it was characteristic. That Maverick's straight hair (bichons have curlier fluffy coats, like Lola's) was just her puppy hair. I mean look at Lola when she was little:

The place i got her from doesn't even sell Maltese's, just Bichons and Haveneses. It's not a big deal cos i love her just the same, but I was still shocked. (Maltese's are just as cute, look at Nicole's from La Mia Vita. Massimo is ADORABLE, like his "mommy")

Max didn't understand why i was so shocked (i loved lola's curly hair!), but he texted me, "i like mutts and mixes (mexipina) {referring to my nationality} love u."

how cute is that?
i suppose if i'm a mix, so is my puppy baby.


Courtney said...

I can understand your shock...I mean you bought something thinking it was one thing only to find out it's another..And I know you lover her just the same but yes, it can be surprising! Just like my Aunt who was told she was having a boy and bought all boy things and it came out a girl! She still loves her little girl, she was just caught a bit off guard!!

Anonymous said...

how wierd is that? i would have been a little unnerved about that too... but YEAH that it is nothing serious. Been trying to get DH to give in to Kenz and I and get a dog... no luck yet :(

Anonymous said...

*getting* here i go again my mind works faster than my typing...LOL

The Socialite said...

Oh my gosh that's crazy! I would be shocked too. It's Kind of funny though, hehe.

Maverick is a rockstar either way!

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