Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cute cute cute movie!!!

The Proposal.

me & twinkie had a movie date with our sister friends, lauren & mehle. { actually, we all liked to say we had a date with ryan reynolds. ooh la la!!!! }
we laughed and laughed and were near tears, this movie was that cute/perfect!!!!

i even forgave myself i forwent the gym (after eating a HUGE lunch of pasta because- i had planned to go to the gym) and for devouring a tub of popcorn... because i love spontaneous plans.

i love a movie that makes you forget about "life" for awhile.
and one of us needed that most yesterday.


Farah said...

hmmm....ryan reynolds...lovely....~

Anonymous said...

adorable movie... laughed so hard in some parts... i think sandra is just darling.

Carol said...

Oh this movie is on my list to see! p.s. Coldplay was AMAZING!!! Love them!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I think I'm going to see this soon. Can't wait, it looks so good!


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