Thursday, July 30, 2009

we'll live on hugs and kisses.

*pic via wishwishwish.

in the middle of my judy blume reading that taught me about periods and masturbation, i wish i knew about this swedish book that "poetically bottles the universal delirium and unsustainable pace of first love."

my first love was named Josh Talbot.
he was a bad boy a few grades higher than me who made me feel special because he chose me.
he wrote me letters, called me late at night...
called me his girlfriend.
i was only 11, going on 20.
when my family moved away i thought the world had ended.

and even though it was young love...
and i have loved as an adult
and this memory feels silly;
i can't forget his kiss.

yes i wish this book existed for me then.


Farah said...

Gosh, I still remember my first massive schoolgirl crush!we were both 16 at that time and I never did anything about it tho until I was abt 18, and he was about to go away to college for his pre-uni course. we went out in a group, he dropped me home and I never said anything to him about my feelings. It was so incredibly lame, I know, but I still wonder what would have happened that time if I had told him. *wonders*


You are such a romantic gal!
I'm longing for the 'butterfly in the stomach' moments again...I still do get them but it's more for shoes & bags now...geeeee*
better do something ASAP before I end up alone with 5 dogs! ;)

The Socialite said...

Oh goodness I remember my first BIG real crush. I remember thinking it was love... and I was only 5th grade! lol Oh boy. Nothing quite eats that innocent love feeling at such a young age. It's so sweet and simple in those days!

AliceInNeverland said...

Aw, wow.
I remember my first relationship. I could never forget him, mostly because we actually grew up as best friends and dated on and off forever. I hardly ever talk about him now though, the whole situation turned into this kind of tragedy. Bleh, and my brother (aka, my best friend) always hated the relationship. But I still have great memories, and just like you, I will never forget that first kiss. I don't think any girl really ever does.

Niki said...

I just found your blog and I really like it! :) Thanks for sharing these things your romantic thing you!

Micaela said...

nothing like boy meets girl that first time.

nope, i don't think a girl forgets that first boy who filled her stomach with butterflies.

i loved hearing all your memories. :) i wonder what they're doing now... the said boy found me on myspace a few years back when i had one. It's funny how much we've changed (and haven't).

Lenore- I laughed out loud about ending up alone with 5 dogs. Well at least you won't be the cat lady- OF COURSE you'd be original :) and walking around with five dogs in Jimmy Choos and a Birkin bag doesn't sound too bad to me ;)

Niki you are so cute! my pleasure to meet you. "Chocolate, Cigarettes and writers block"- sensational! I'm going to mosey on over to your little world after my work meeting ;)


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