Friday, July 17, 2009

brilliant. Why didn't i think of this?

i will never forget the excitement i had when i saw the closet of my first downtown apartment.
i was in love.

the biggest walk-in closet in my bedroom. finally. i thought i had made it.

Unfortunately {or fortunately}, my roommate got a great job opportunity in another City shortly after we moved in.

i cried saying good-bye to my closet.
it seems silly, but to me it was a sign of being on my own and proving i could do it fabulously.
{it was, after a break-up too}

luckily, Max lets me take up all the space in the pretty big walk-in closet at casa di M...

yet if i should ever move somewhere where i don't have such a luxury, i will remember this brilliant idea from Layers of Meaning-- desk included.

oh, I'm in love. It's times like these that i wished i had done this. in the same breath, i'm pretty in love with my current roommate....

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