Wednesday, July 1, 2009

oh it's the simple things

like having a date with Michael Jackson dvds.
watching in awe with twinkie + momma as he glided on stage
and how happy he looked at his 95 MTV music awards performance.


or dancing to "Night Fever" by the bee gees in the car with my boyfriend. laughing OUT LOUD at Max's disco moves.

printing out our Texas Rangers tickets for the 4th of July weekend... celebrating Independence Day enjoying America's favorite past time.

working at current job officially for a year (it's my work anniversary) and my fabulous boss taking our office out for lunch to celebrate it.

taking part of a summer reading club for children. Yesterday was our first meeting, and sitting down with a child who has trouble reading and helping them... well how can that not fill you with happiness?

oh it's the simple things that make me happy.

*pic here.


Farah said...

it's so sweet that you are helping out the kids with their reading. really it is. good karma points for you! =)

Anonymous said...

m- you are my sister soul mate... in everyway! i hope to one day meet you face to face because i just know that when we do (because i believe we will)it will be magical... you speak my heart and you help me find my words...
thank you for all your encouraging words... you can't begin to imagine how they brighten my day...

Meg Fee said...

oh man..i'd love to find something like that here in nyc. there is no greater joy than learning to read--except maybe giving that gift to someone else.

congrats on the job anniversary!

The Socialite said...

Nothing beats dancing to "Night Fever" - ever. It's the perfect song to get silly to! ;)

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