Monday, July 20, 2009

nostalgia. just what i needed on a rainy monday.

looking at Tina's holga images of Roma brought me back to my dolce vita... i was 19, wide-eyed and with an open heart in beautiful italy.

it was the very first time i had ever traveled alone- the first time i felt grown up.
i took a 5 hour train ride on my own from Tuscany... and when i got to my destination, met up with the italian pilot i had met in my small texas town.

less than a year had changed us, but i was grateful to walk the streets of Rome with Daniele. i won't forget the meal we shared by the Coliseum.

and the best compliment...
he said i fit in, that looking at me in my heels and classic black, i looked as if i belonged to italy.

Italia, Il mio cuore รจ per voi.

*See more of english muse's images on her new Polaroids and Holga pics blog, Cloud Society. How cute is that name?


orsoifeel said...

i sooo want to walk down that street...

Meg Fee said...

oh so the best complement ever! i would go back to rome in a heartbeat!! you're lovely.

ps: okay, so i don't like the name crush any more. i want a good name that brings good fortunes--what should i call this boy?!

Micaela said...

ooh M we have to help her out with this!!!

i suggested "beautiful distraction."

i'm thinking Darcy, to borrow a favorite austen-ism and i KNOW you girls love said character.

orsoifeel said...

-M-... i love that one except it reminds me of that song "beautiful disaster" which often times "beautiful distractions" become...LOL


prospect - although that isn't very romantic.

darcy - i think just using that name speaks for itself

... i will keep thinking

Micaela said...

no i quite like that, "prospect." it's old-fashioned romantic.

you know, i quite thought that about "beautiful distraction" being too similar to "beautiful disaster." again, we are the same.


mina said...

this makes me excited to go! you'll have to tell me some of the 'must see' spots

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