Thursday, July 9, 2009


"What would happen if I wrote some pages for you? Each day a page, to show you that I am finding a story, the story of how we might have been together, once. Of how we could be.

We will never be together. Sweetheart.

... a taste to remind you of a late glass of wine and mood-loosened limbs: that question in the eyes, or the stray touch of one's hand on another one's forearm. The never-kissed kiss. The imagination ignited.

Enough. Enough.

Now, here are your pages."

-prologue page vii

*note that when you click on what the book is about, it may not be for the conservative. I'm just saying.

But i fell in love with this review:
"the intoxicating nature of desire and the realization that love can devastate just as easily as it exalts"

because that, that i get.

pic from le love


Stephanie Belen said...

*mouth hangs open*

i must read this.
it sounds too good.

Micaela said...

i have just started it... did you get what i meant by those that are "conservative?"

maybe we won't totally relate to liking/loving another woman, but the first love thing... that we can right?

i love her words. it flows so easily. My twinkie gave it to me to read.

ps. the main character's name is Flannery. I think that's a neat character name. It conjures up a sort of picture in my mind.

Anonymous said...

that review is amazing...
i want to read it just from that...

The Socialite said...

Ooh you must dish about this book! Full review once you're done please?! :)

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