Friday, July 31, 2009

the written word.

i just joined The Benevolent Postcard Society.
i'm already excited!!!

and i think you lovies would love it too.
join with me?


Stephanie Belen said...

of course i will micaela! :))

Anonymous said...

i am with ya

Alaine said...

Oh! Yay! Sounds fun. I'm in. =] You find the most adorable things.

Micaela said...

thanks Alaine! :)

i thought it was the most FABULOUS idea ever.
i would be more than happy to swap postcards with you girls alone and be happy.

I miss written notes/letters. Reminds me of how much i loved pen palling when i was younger.

brown eyed girl said...

ooh I just joined it ;).

I LOVE this kind of thing.

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