Saturday, December 5, 2009

exchanges: All Things Bright and Beautiful.

i love written letters. sharing thoughts/dreams/confessions with a pen.

Gemma of "All Things Bright & Beautiful" (which just describes her really, she's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Twiggy meets Marilyn & a dash of warhol and zest) shared this post, saying she for sure loved hand written letters, believing that the best things in life aren't things. I was touched she felt joining my ornament swap would be a means of spreading this beautiful belief.

i picked up a pen... and wrote her, sharing a time in my life where i moved in with a gf after a bad break-up and for a while, drank wine by candlelight on my "mattress island." A mattress in the middle of a near empty room in a new house.

in her post about it, she mentioned that her appreciation would be shown very soon. I thought her thank-you email was more than enough.

Yesterday evening, her unexpected package found it's way across the ocean straight to Casa Di M. Opening a letter is like being invited into a new world.

an original etching. isn't the minnie button book charming??? inside she shared a quote her mum believes in.

when the parcel opened:
and the answer to your expression dear Gemma? YES! absolutely.
thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! x10

dear lovies, i have been absolutely blessed and touched by the sweet outpours of this wonderful blogging world. A Christmas card from Gracie (as if the bride-to-be isn't busy planning ever after) and tonight after a stressful week and never-ending working my ornament exchange/Pay It Forward surprise came in from my friend Kaileen of Kalieen Elise. LOVE LOVE LOVE. love this blogging community. + (i am seriously feeling spoiled) an unexpected kindness from another ornament exchange participant, wendy weagle.

(i hope you don't mind me sharing those soon?)

so YES. YES YES YES, having a blog is great!

and to you reading these musings of mine,

thank-you. i'm so glad we're friends.


Nahl said...

Awww...i can imagine how the affection would feel like! :)

Farah said...

that is seriously amazing! love the fact that you guys exchanged hand written letters. People have really lost that personal touch. and sometimes I kinda miss it. although I have to say the best kind of handwritten letters would be love letters! ;)

we all love you Mickey! xoxo

Gracie said...

Ahh that's completely adorable! Don't you just love mail. The blog world is the best!
Oh and I was supposed to send your journal today but we missed the post office. Sigh for closing at 12pm on a Saturday.
Really, truly I will next week!! mwa xx

Jenni said...

Awww that is so sweet. Love the sketch! :)

And I agree, having a blog is fabulous!!

kaileenelise said...

i love the ooohs and ahhhs in these comments :) the blogging community is full of wonderful people & and the best part is that we take it offline and share the love in other little ways. i had a blast putting something in the mail to you! ♥kaileenelise

Cassie said...

I am very quickly learning just how fab this blogging world really is. I feel more at home here than I have anywhere else in my 29 years! It is truly great, thank you for being a part of it xx

Rebecca said...

eeeep! unrelated, but I think I just read on my ornament recievers blog that he got my ornament today :) and so it begins...

love that you two are writing each other letter too, its too cute! I wish I got more handwritten mail :)


Anonymous said...

Aaw, that package is lovely.
It's funny how since I started a blog, a web/computer reliant thing, I've started to use real life mail for the first time in years! I found it pretty ironic. :)
Anyway, I agree, having a blog is great!
I sent my ornament to my partner from the exchange and two days later (she lives kind of closeby) I received a Christmas card in return telling me that she and her daughter loved it! I was so overcome with happiness. :) I picked out an ornament from Hallmark that was in the shape of a heart, and in a quilt pattern, that said Family and she let me know that her daughter put it in the tree and kept saying "Family Forever." It really was like being invited into a new world, and I have YOU to thank for that! So thank you!

Gemma Louise said...

YAY! :) im so happy that bow stayed on hehe I seriously thought it wouldn't! xxx

Micaela said...

love YOU farah :)

Gracie, no worries at all! i meant it when i said that in the email. I'm just SO HAPPY to have won your giveaway :) i'm STILL so very excited about that!!! my christmas cards came in today off Etsy so i'll be sending one your way for sure. xxx

Kaileen, i am LOVIN my holiday mix!!! seriously. :) THANK-YOU!!!!

Cass, what a cute comment and yes, very true. xo

Rebecca, that IS exciting!!! i bet they loooved it! can't wait to see it. send me the link! :) and i agree- handwritten mail- you can never have enough of it.

Sandra, your comment made me so very happy! it sounds like THE PERFECT ornament for your person, and so cute the story about her daughter :) your story is EXACTLY why i wanted to host an ornament swap. I think this will def. be a yearly thing. i'm grateful for the friendships you've created!

Gemma, IT DID!!! cheers to that! ;)

missy. said...

i LOVE gemma. she is absolutely darling and her posts are so fabulous. how sweet of her to send you such a darling package! you totally deserve it though lady.

and yes, having a blog truly is great.

love you lady, chels

Marisa said...

what a sweet package and how thoughtful. it is amazing how many REAL connections are made in this blogging community...

Marisa said...

ps and I one of the things i love about you most is your ability to realte to others and to freely share your stories with them...

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