Sunday, December 27, 2009

Give to an AMAZING cause + be entered in Jackie's awesome giveaway!

The Beautiful Jackie of Exposed Brick is hosting a FABULOUS giveaway. You can be the lucky winner of a Holga camera, her gorgeous print below, & other surprises.

as FABULOUS as her giveaway pressies would be, what i love most is to enter you get to do a pretty wonderful thing. You can help sponsor her sister Carrie's trip to Kilimanjaro.

In Carrie's words: "I will be volunteering for twelve weeks teaching conversational english to school age children; meeting with a local women's group to discuss and encourage entrepreneurship and caring for orphaned infants and children diagnosed with HIV and AIDS."

Can you imagine how awesome it will feel to know you helped out in spreading love and kindness through her, to people who need it most? She will document her life trip on her blog.

I know how kind this blogging community is and have been personally thankful for the friendships i've made through it. Please head over to Jackie's giveaway and donate $5 dollars or more.

I have a feeling you will be instantly happy giving to such a wonderful cause.

PS. i think it's so cute how supportive these sisters are of each other. i love it!


xxJackie said...

1 - I love your novella commentage!
2 - I just called Carrie & we were gushing about how absolutely wonderful the blog world is - a large part of that conversation was based on YOU.
3 - Thank you thank you thank you for passing this along - Carrie is doing such an inspiring thing & I'm so happy that you're along for the journey!
4 - Love love love you my blog cuzzy!!!

Sara said...

I feel ashamed of the fact that this place is in my continent and I have never even heard of it before...thank you for sharing!!

Jenni said...

Isn't Jackie the greatest? I am so donating to this cause - it's such an amazing thing. :)

Camilla Salem said...

oooooh can't WAIT to write about this on my blog and enter. loooove it and loooove Jackie (and you)

Carrie said...

Jackie did indeed call me and listened while I read, first her blog, and then yours and then cried like the big baby that I have been lately. You are so so sweet to post about this! Thank you thank you thank you!

Micaela said...

girls you are just fabulous!!!! Jackie you girls just warm my heart and what Carrie is doing is such a beautiful thing, you KNOW you have my support.

Sara, of course!

Jenni, the greatest!

Camilla, OF COURSE she can count on her blogging twin ;) j'adore you femmes. bisous bisous xo

Carrie, it goes without words... you are an amazing person with a huge heart. someday i hope to do the same thing you are doing. big hugs and all my love and a ton of non-needed you're welcomes because of course i would support you girls.


Marisa said...

such a beautiful girl and how wonderful the love of a sister... nothing like it.

Gracie said...

Wow! That's really amazing! What a great cause and wonderful thing she is doing. x

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