Thursday, December 17, 2009

you're wonderful!

oh my goodness lovies, THANK YOU sooo very much for all your comments and kind words yesterday, on my tough morning. They really helped me out more than you know.

my heart is all of yours!!!

i am so glad to know that the one thing that won't ever change no matter where i move is this wonderful blogging world we share.

it's great to be your friend. xo

(picture 1, 2)


Marisa said...

that second picture is gorgeous...
Love Love You

missy. said...

we are always here for you and you know you have a piece of my heart sweet m.

i hope you know when i go to va to visit my brother and sister in law i'm coming to see you and darling friend!

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

We are always here for you :)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

What a wonderful time in your life! I am so excited for you. Just wanted to let you know that I posted a blog post about the super cute ornament I received the other day. thank your for organizing such a wonderful exchange:)
Happy Holidays

Erin said...

It's great to be your friend, too!

kateigh said...

thank you for letting us be apart of you're amazing life.

Melissa Y. Allam said...

Hi Micaela,
Sorry, it seems a little while since I've visited. It's been kinda crazy busy for me. Too bad you had to say goodbye to a job you love, and especially your family since you are very close, but I hope you have an even more wonderful time with your Love in Virginia. I hope it all works out well for you.

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