Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sweet surprises to share.

because i never win at anything (forget lotto tickets/raffles/silent auctions), it always AMAZES me and excites me like nothing else when i win a giveaway. (bestie, we have the same luck, no?)

i won Callie of The Magical Bean's hand-made gingerbread ornament *big smiles*. she included the sweetest card.

He is the sweetest thing! i wasn't expecting it to surprise me in the mail yesterday and can i say we both fell in love? (me & mr. gingerbread) Thank-you Callie for the giveaway & for making my Monday!!!

another fun thing to share... Belen sent me my Christmas gift and included my Holiday Gift Swap pressie hosted by Carly! The person who got me was Laura (there was no blog link so THANK-YOU LAURA!!!) who contacted Belen directly (knowing i love her etsy, Belen's Boutique) and bought me these very me earrings.

Belen packaged everything so cutely (of course!) Here it is on my lap while i was at work:
and for Christmas? Belen's gift was SO very thoughtful. I once had sent her a bunch of old necklaces i had laying around, thinking she could take them apart and use them for future projects. I sent her my favourite black beaded necklace, because a link had fallen off the back and was too short for me to wear anymore.

i looooved this necklace. She fixed it for me and made it the PERFECT length!

perfect. THANK-YOU for my Christmas pressie Belen. It was so thoughtful of you to remember how much i loved this necklace and now, thanks to you... i get to wear it again. what do you think?

thank-you Callie, thank-you Laura, thank-you Carly for hosting an awesome swap.

update: Cassie of Hydrangeas and White Daisies got my gift... read about it here.

and of course... thank-you Belen for your frienship & my Christmas gift. For taking the time to make something for me that you KNEW i would love. love you!


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

how cute. I love everything!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww love this. Blog friends are the best friends. Congratulations on your winnings and all the fun stuff! You are gorgeous by the way!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, those are adorable! Especially that little gingerbread guy :)

The Socialite said...

Yayy! You deserve so much more too! You're such a leader with this whole "Pay it Forward". Love it! :)

carly said...

wow! so beautiful!
i think i'm going to start a tradition on my blog for sure! i love it!

jackiek said...

thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! the term paper went great.... i hope... and christmas music is my favorite too :)

i plan on sending out the card to your brother in the next few days... i'm handmaking it so its taking a little time!!

thanks so much :)


sanders said...

That gingerbread ornament and the matching card are adorable.
Judging from your beautiful smile in the picture, I can definitely sense the love between you two! lol
Aaw, what thoughtful and heartfelt presents! Miss Micaela, I think it's safe to say that the blog world loves you. :) And no surprise there because you're pretty much amazing.

Nahl said...

I love the necklace! It's gorgeous!
Btw, where ARE you lost? I haven't gotten a mail back from you, and neither do I see your comments on my blog.
Hoping things are going well!

Marisa said...

I LOVE the necklace, it looks perfect with that top you have on..
Belen is the sweetest.
and that ornament how cute!!

Jenni said...

awww that was so sweet!!!! Belen's jewelry is GORGEOUS! I'm so excited to see my new earrings!

Anna said...

getting things in the mail is such a great feeling isn't it!? lovely earrings! xox

Annie said...

aw, so many sweet things!!
yay for the winnings hun! :)

Micaela said...

anna, it's the best feeling ever!

Sandra, nothing but hearts for you!!! *blush sooo sweet.

Liz, coming from a GORGEOUS girl- i feel like a rockstar!!!

Carly, I def. think you should ;) i would always join!

jackie, glad to hear about the term paper and thank-you sooo much for the letter to my brother. xo

Nahl, i am sooo sorry i have been MIA from the juicy courtship but i totally paid you a visit today ;) and what a great message i needed. thank you!

Jenni, i was SO HAPPY you won belen's giveaway! do take pics please :)

xoxoxox (hi M!)

Belen said...

ah i can't wait to receive your present as well!!

Jenni said...

Aww... that is so awesome. I love all you blogging girls. Seriously, ya'll are amazing and hearing stories like this just make me all the more happier that I can in this group even in the smallest way.

I love everything you received, especially that gingerbread doll. So super cute! And those earrings are to die for, so cute.

Melissa Y. Allam said...

So cool. Congratulations! I just found out on Friday that I won two giveaways as well on two different blogs. I never win either. This is the first time. I was so excited. I hope to have time to post about it tonight.

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