Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ornament Showcase #4.

To Holly / From Rebecca

To Lindsey / From Jackie

To Maddy / From Sarah K.

To Gracie / From Karyn

To Rhianne / From Anna

To Karyn / From Caitlin

To Megan / From Stephanie

To Cristie / From Rhianne

To Summer / From Megan
(megan surprised me by sending me one too. SO sweet.)

as the host of something i just delighted in putting together, i was overwhelmed by those who sent me an ornament, thanking me for putting this exchange together. How much sweeter can you girls get? Wendy Weagle sent me this gorgeous bird carved ornament below:

Iris blogged about the cupcake ornament (below/left) she made her exchange mate, and i commented how much i loved them. She made my day by sending me one of her oh so cute ornaments! next to them are the ones i sent as a thank-you, explaining i love keys and anything glittery.

For all those that joined my first ever Ornament Exchange, thank-you once again. I do believe it will be an annual thing on my little corner of the internet, thanks to you fabulous girls who made it SUCH a delight.

another HUGE thank-you to those who sent me Christmas cards:

i loved each of them and seeing your handwritings. So cute. xo


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

How cute and fun!!

Gracie said...

Yay! I love how we can make so many friends in the blog world! The ornament exchange was soo much fun!
And you showed my card :) Thanks for everything Micaela! xx

Erin said...

The ornament exchange was one of the highlights of my holiday. A definite Christmas tradition to look forward to for years to come! Thank you again, for organizing it, and for being my very own secret Santa.

Glad you got my Christmasy postcard, Micaela. Looking forward to sending you some fun ones in the New Year, at your brand new home!!! How excited are you right now?

2010 is going to be fab, I can just feel it.

Megan said...

It was my pleasure, thankyou so much for putting in the effort to organise it. Can not wait until next year!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ooo, i love this!!!!

Krissa said...

so excited for next year....I am going to plan early...haha

Brown Girl said...

I love love all the ornaments, can't wait to start collecting pretty ones!

i-zilla said...

again thank you so much for hosting the ornament swap and for sending me the lovely ornaments, it really got me in the holiday spirit! can't wait for next year!

Gemma Louise said...

:( i havn't got my ornament. But all the rest look all so delightful, im so glad i took part! :) xx

Elizabeth Marie said...

This was SO fun. Thank you so much for putting it together...I am so glad I played along. Can't wait for next year :) xoxoxo!!

missy. said...

so glad you liked my card! i hope it made it to you by christmas!

love you lady. good luck with your move in case i dont talk to you by then.

ps i'll need your new address!!

Marisa said...

these are all so fun and unique...
such a fun swap, can't wait for next year.

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