Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ornament Showcase #3.

To Anna / From Marte

To Marisa / From Wendy

To Fallon / From Brianna

To Sarah Kleman / From Huai-Ann
1st one: To Huia-Ann / From Raquel
(don't you just love her titanic porthole mirror?)
2nd one: To Raquel / From Katie C.

To Marte / From Marisa

To Chels / From Gemma Louise

To Jozen / From Fallon
To Kate / From Katrina

To Madeline / From Kate
can you see the deer? sweet bauble on her pretty tree.

I have to share a little story about this last one. Madeline is my baby seester. She was so excited when i told her about my ornament exchange & wanted to participate. (this actually brought us closer)

In fact, she was my life line in this ornament exchange (worked on it for hours to make sure we didn't forget anyone- helped in matching up what turned out to be 70+ participants to each other so not one person got the other).

Maddie (who doesn't have a blog) is thinking about starting up one because she couldn't believe the kindness of Kate and their exchanged emails. She was overwhelmed. Kate, I can not thank you enough for your sweetness to my seester! xoxo

and to me. Kate sent me a matching beautiful ornament and a lovely Christmas card, thanking me for hosting the swap. Kindness... i believe in it always and returning it every chance possible.

thank-you Kate. It means a lot to me.

oh 1st Ornament Exchange... you've been a huge hit with me. I think I will have you every year at Dolce Vita.

(See more showcases here & here)


Erin said...

Please do host another swap next year, Micaela! I'm looking forward to it already!

Gemma Louise said...

awh well done! you brought so many people who didn't know each other together this christmas. thats pretty special :) xx

missy. said...

how sweet of her to do that for you.

i loved this and CAN'T WAIT to do it again next year!

Jenni said...

Every time you do one of these I am amazed about how beautiful the ornaments are that passed through the mail from random bloggers to other random bloggers. Seriously, awesome.

Gracie said...

I hope you are able to host another ornament swap! It's really wonderful! I received mine today!! I will send you pictures soon.

Oh and I feel so lost because I missed so many of your wonderful posts. I will have to try and catch up sometime (lol after the wedding!).

I definitely need to email you anyway! I hope you get the journal soon too! x

Elizabeth said...

Brianna's purple one is my favorite...even though it wouldn't match anything else I have for Christmas, I still love it :)

sanders said...

My little neighbor,
I just got your Christmas card in the mail. Coming home to an actual letter to open is the best. Thank you for having me in your thoughts this Christmas. You really know how to make someone's day! :)
xo sandra

carly said...


Kristin said...

I so wish I had participated in one of these!

Nahl said...

I'm regretting not taking part in this! :(

Saskia said...

Micaela, what a lovely blog you have!! And what a wonderful swap!! Yes, please do it again next year... I'll join in :)

Saskia x

Fallon said...

So many wonderful ornaments :) You can already count me in for next years swap!

Thanks again for all the time you put into it :)

Carmella said...

ornament swap, what a great idea!!
i need huai-ann to send me a south carolina flag ornament!
great blog! :)

Camilla Salem said...

oh i so wish i had known about this!!! next year i suppose. p.s. let me know when you get your little something from me to you. and i sent your brother my little note :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words micaela, i'm so happy that you and maddie liked your ornaments! merry, merry christmas to you and all your family.
kate xx

Micaela said...

lovies, I am sooo glad you guys are looking forward to it next year *big grins* and Gemma, that is the sweetest thing ever. It was my hope with hosting this! xo

Camilla, My ornament exchange would have been PERFECT for you!!! next year, you HAVE to join ;) I won't let you not. I will DEF. let you know the moment i get a little something in the mail from you- you can guarantee it! I am sure I will be SOOO VERY excited!!!! and most of all- THANK YOU for sending my brother a note as well. You are lovely!!!!

Sanders (cute nickname btw!), i have officially adopted you as my little sister, along with Belen. Yup :)

Kate- i meant every single word. every single one. THANK-YOU! x 100

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