Friday, December 4, 2009

a free moment finally to wish you TGIF!!!

i have been SO busy this week. i just got back from a fundraiser we do every year at work for families who otherwise can't afford a "basic" Christmas. Shortly after starting my job last year, i was asked to be part of the committee. i was honored.

We plan for this event months in advance and today was AWESOME. Wanna hear what our fundraiser is? I just told Max about it and he laughed. It's called our Annual NASTRIKE and basically what it is is adults racing on customized tricycles. (and most go all out) It's a lot of fun, a feeling of connecting, and being involved; all for a good cause. i was a judge and handed awards at the end.

this pic uploaded too small for some reason, but just check out my boots. i am in love with them my {nearly} knee-high boots.

i wear them over my jeans and i feel like the picture below.

this is my wish for your weekend... that you feel like this. xo


Holly said...

I wish!! I'm going to a church retreat with some buttheads from my school. Wish me luck :/ But, on the upside, I'll be the most fashionable camper there! XD

eQ said...

I totally feel like that picture...EVERYDAY!

hehe =)

Have a lovely weekend!

eQ said...

PS. Finally got my ornament out today. I forget that international mailing requires customs forms and a visit to the post office =/

Saltina said...

Hot boots!

Marisa said...

seriously behind on reading posts..

sexy lady, with those fierce boots and i LOVE the color of your coat.

what a fun activity to be a part of.

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