Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Imagine all the people sharing all the world.." - John Lennon

this is what my room looks like right now. this is just my packing supplies laid out. No wrapping paper yet, or the gifts and already a mess.

my bedroom floor

my bed is covered in bags and gifts i need to wrap.
(no, that's not a stuffed animal, that's my little maverick sporting a terrible hair cut. i think she was daydreaming, like her mommy. )

I was listening to my holiday Christmas mix and all I could think of was my brother, perhaps a little scared on a plane, trying to be strong and wanting to be anywhere but on his way to Iraq.

the song "Someday at Christmas" came on:

"Someday at Christmas there'll be no wars
When we have learned what Christmas is for
When we have found what life's really worth
There'll be peace on earth

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmastime..."

all i could do is cry. life isn't fair.

i know it's me, his little sister being sad. My brother is probably on the plane listening to his iphone and most importantly, prepared to do his mission. He is not scared, he is brave. I know he doesn't want to go but i know he is proud to serve and protect. It's what he's wanted to do since he was a child; fly in helicopters.

so i will be a strong sister. i will be a most proud sister.

my favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night." I get goose bumps whenever i hear it. Here is my brother's most favorite celebrity crush (since he was in high school).

for my brother, love your sister.


Max said...

That puts my bad day into place. A lot of things are just not important. Family is. Hopefully, next Christmas we can all be together.

Camilla Salem said...

just to let you know, your brother is in my thoughts and prayers. stay strong, even though it seems impossibly hard, he is doing what he loves and that is a wonderful thing!

aaaannndd....your little puppy totally looks like a stuffed animal haha

practical, schmactical said...

thoughts & prayers go out to your brother and his hopefully swift stay and safe return.
couldn't imagine going through that with mine :/

Belen said...

oh micaela, how sometimes i wish i had a big brother. all my love to your family. honestly, i'd be scared too, but i know you're a strong girl! love love love you tons.

also, mariah carey.
she will always be amazing. she was my childhood playlist next to michael jackson.

i need to post about my childhood music. give you guys a taste of my kiddy days. :)


missy. said...

Girl your maverick is soo cute. I LOVE her. As for the Christmas song, tears welling up. I'm sorry that life isn't fair. My heart is there with you and I'm sending all of my love through the air to you.

Ps thank you for the postcard. I love it.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Thoughts and prayers to your brother!!

and your puppy is cuteee.

Saltina said...

Thinking of you! Hopefully looking into the dewy little Maverick eyes helps!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thinking of you and your family girl. Sending the biggest of hugs your way. xo

Sara said...

Christmas warmth sent his way!

eQ said...

I love wrapping presents! It's such a process though.

i'll be thinking of you and your brother this holiday. Be strong for him =)

Cassie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your brother and you and your family.
I have an email in my draft box that will soon be headed your way to thank you for your tremendous sweetness.

Geisslein said...

wish your brother all the best Honey!

Gracie said...

Oh Micaela! I really feel for you and I pray that you can all be strong together as a family. You have reason to be proud of your brother for what he does! Your all blessed to have each other.

And O Holy Night is one of my absolute favourite Christmas songs ever! With Mariah Cary singing it! x

nifer said...

O Holy Night is my favorite too, and I also get goose-bumps. Now when I hear it, I'm going to think of you and your brave brother, and I'm going to say a prayer that he comes home soon and safe!

~ Jen

Anna said...

Micaela, your brother and family is in my thoughts. I know it's so hard (my uncle did two tours!) but being supportive and positive means so much to them!


Marisa said...


that song always gives me chills.
it's so beautiful when she sings it.

ps Maverick is adorable!!

Ethan said...

What the hell happened to that poor dog?!

Diana said...

Micaela, you are a strong woman. I hope you find a way to celebrate with your brother, even in spirit.

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