Saturday, December 5, 2009

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -e.e. cummings

The awesome Jenni of Absent Minded tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger award! i always feel special when i get tagged, so thank-you Jenni!!!

& i love this award. instead of telling you 7 things about me that you may not know... i decided to do a twist and show you 7 things from Casa di M that tell you about me. And then i'll tag 7 friends and hope you girls will do the same kind of twist! deal? so here's pieces of my home that show me:

1.) a corner of my bathroom. I like vintage touches. i bought this purse (with the pinup looking drawing) ages ago and found it works well to hold my girly things... yup, if you're a girl and come over & need a tampon? that's where i keep the supply.

2.) i loved this picture when i saw it at a garage sale. i had to have it. i love unexpected kindness.

3.) these book titles in my collection describe me. (that last one is one of my absolute faves. "i wish someone were waiting for me somewhere." i've written an excerpt i loved here. i suggest it lovies)

4.) in high school i worked at a department store in lingerie. when they did a redesign, i got to take this framed print home. i liked it because the bra looked like mine... tiny.

5.) i dream of shopping for clothes only at thrift stores. these were my last purchase at goodwill. i love wearing them with skirts and a t.

6.) i always wonder about the life they led before finding a new purpose in my closet. like this clutch. i know there's a fine line drawn here between trendy & ugly with this clutch BUT! this clutch, this clutch is special. my friend erik gave it to me. it belonged to his grandmother. there's also a mirror of hers inside a thin paper envelope that i've kept in it's pocket. So i love this clutch & wonder about the adventures she had with it. Like times she took the mirror out to put her lipstick on while out on a date.

i opened this clutch (after just rediscovering it in my things) and found a ticket stub from 2006. this clutch has shared adventures with me already.

7.) the summer i was 19 i fell in love with italy. it was my dolce vita. i loved under the tuscan sun, sipped too many european drinks, and stayed out til sunset on too many nights. i've kept outfits that will never fit the same (like itty bitty bikinis), because it is what i wore during a holiday that changed my life. the white dress i wore when i first saw the leaning tower of Pisa. it was at night, which made it magical. it was then that i first understood what the word belissima meant...

so now i'll tag 7 of you to do the same, with a twist please?

i want to see photographs of your casa that show you:

my bestie M at Or So I feel...?
Jackie at Exposed Brick
her bestie Kateigh at {Poprocks} photographs
Katie at Kitchen Door
Mara at M loves M

rhianne, i would have tagged you but you were tagged by Jenni too. still, if you ever have a day you have no idea what to post about, i'd love to see your twist on this award.

and really, anyone else that wants to play- i'd love to see your post!


Belle said...

Congratulations darling! Fabulous post!!
I just posted your gorgeous christmas list on my latest post.
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend lovely xxx

Nahl said...

I love all your pictures.
Everything is so...thoughtful, you know?
Can't wait to get my hands on these books.
Love the clutch btw.

Belen said...

Hahaha, that's such a cute idea for your tampons. (But I'm not much of a tampon girl, [sorry, TMI TMI TMI!]) It's SO adorable that you use that purse for that! :) Have you ever heard of the restaurant Buca Di Beppo? It's my FAVORITE Italian restaurant and your vintage touches to your restroom remind me of the restrooms there. They go all out with keeping it vintage and decorated with all things Italian. When you come out here, I'm taking you there! :)

I've also been meaning to read "i wish someone were waiting for me somewhere." it's just that i'd forgotten what it was called! i'll read it eventually though, after "pages for you."

oh dang, reminds me... i never got around to reading "emma!" :/

Gracie said...

Fantastic! I loved your twist on this award! The purse to hold your 'girly' things is awesome! If I ever visited I know where to look lol.

The books pic is great too! So many of my books are YA books. lol and I'm the same with the bra...tiny. So I too like that print.

Anna said...

i loved your twist and looking at the photos! thank you for the tag! xox

Rhianne said...

yeay thanks for the note, it made me smile :) I still have so many tags to do - disaster!

liso. said...

loved these little pieces of you... snapshots of your life.

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Hey, I just found your blog via The Magical Bean, and I love it! I had a similar experience to your Italian revelation, but with Paris - such wonderful memories of sun and the Eiffel Tower and crepes :-)

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Melissa Y. Allam said...

I like the twist. It was great seeing little bits of your place and things that bring you joy.

xxJackie said...

Oohh!! I'm exciteddd! I'm pulling my camera out NOW!

Saltina said...

I love it, it really opens a little window to your personality. As Nahl said, it is very thoughtful. Love the tampon holder :)

Camilla Salem said...

thanks for the tag doll. I just finished mine!! I love everything of yours!!

Jenni said...

Oh how fun! I seriously love how you mixed this tag up a little, so cute :) Thanks for following up with the tag as well, I love it!

missy. said...

aaahhh i love your house and your ability to turn vintage into GORGEOUS. i wish i had your talent.

kateigh said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This means so much to me. I absolutely adore your blog. I can't wait to get started!!

Micaela said...

Belle i was SOOO EXCITED to see my little list on your blog today. i feel like a rockstar! THANK YOU! i was in love with your idea from the start. xxx

Nahl, thank-you!!!

Belen, TMI- with me? NEVER! haha you should know this, especially you!!! ;) Oh my goodness, you must take me to Buca Di Beppo! no i haven't heard of it, but it sounds like my heaven! take a pic next time you're there for me please? :) YES!!! we will go there for sure. tell me what you think of the book when you read it- i think you will love it like "pages for you." girl, i haven't gotten round to finishing (rather starting!) our Austen club... i have a feeling when i move to VA, it will be all that i can do to not be lonely and homesick. :( so i promise to be better then! deal? love you!!!

Gracie, thank-you & yes, EXACTLY. lol you'll know where to find them.

Liso, grazie!!! xo

Jumbleberry (Catherine) so nice to meet you!!! and really, you were the first to alert me to my win! ahhhh so exciting. so THANK YOU for making a good end to my busy busy working weekend. xo! Paris... i have yet to go but i hope someday my future husband will take me and i can experience magic like you did with him. le sigh.

Melissa, THANK YOU dear girl :)

Rhianne, i know right? i still need to put my music tag to keyboard. what a fun one too! so noooo worries busy bee ;)

Jack & Kateigh- CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR POSTS!!!! eeeeeee! did i make the right sound jackie?

Camilla I LOVED your pieces. your mom's art is GORGEOUS! i want to own one someday. just beautiful. and the owl? a great addition indeed!!! thanks for playing :)

missy, aw thanks doll!!! it's no talent, i just love a mix of kitsch things. lol it's a collection i've kept - seriously for the longest time (and even really still now) i had no "real" furniture. i could decorate easily because i had all that. i should have saved up for furniture first ha


Marisa said...

i love all of your things and the stories behind them... can't wait to do this tag.

so often I put things in my house and don't think much of them but when you add a memory/a moment it can make the simplest thing seem priceless.

Anonymous said...

How EXCELLENT. I am all over this like white on rice later in the week. I feel like a large percentage of this weeks posts are going to be Micaela-themed. Love it.

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