Thursday, March 31, 2011

we're a team.

i had a really really REALLY bad day today, and i haven't had one of those in a long time.

if you've ever watched "Broadcast News," i felt like holly hunter this morning in my cubicle. i wanted to cry and then i'd be ok.

to add to injury, my car went into the shop only for it to overheat again on the busy interstate.

luckily, it's okay now but it was a big let down and kind of scary for this small city driver.

my husband met me while we waited on my car and as we sat outside on a busy highway, i whined about my bad day. he listened to my moans and when i was done, he reminded me that this wasn't a bad day. That it could be so much worse, nobody was hurt... nobody is sick, and that at least i'm not alone.

"you are my wife and i love you. we're a team. i've got your back." -- words spoken after my little meltdown.

and i realized, he was so right.  we're a team. and it's so good to have him by my side.

i am a lucky girl, not just because i have an amazing husband but i'm also lucky to have the most amazing friends. Thank-you for your sweet twitter/fb comments!!! it is so good to be your friend.

speaking of great friends, Katyha made my day with an email of this drawing she is working on of me and my husband. isn't it so stinkin adorable?! i LURVE it! <3

it feels good to belong to a team, both in love and life.

 because just so you know... i have your backs too!  xoxo


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Oh, I sense a new piece of artwork to hang on the wall at Casa di M!

Alan is great when I'm having a bad day meltdown... He always calms me down and cheers me up.

I really appreciated your tweet earlier too. Thanks for being such a lovely friend.

Looking forward to tomorrow and all the good it can bring.

carmar76 said...

*HUGS* so glad you have an awesome husband to be your partner in life, and to pick you up when you have meltdowns! i'm sure you do the same for him - if he melts down, guys are funny like that sometimes! ; )

also, THANK YOU for my mail love!!!! you know i had to feature it in tonight's posting! love you!!! (and hi to max!!)

Anonymous said...

hi doll! sorry you had an awful day. however, what a way to end it with those words from your hubs lingering in the background?! tomorrow's another day. xx

Katyha said...

I hate bad days, because once one bad thing happens it seems others want to join in and make it truly miserable but it is lovely having someone there to pick you up :)

You make me blush! thank you for the mention

Rhianne said...

oh love, I saw your tweet and I was worried about you - is everything ok now? I hope you're feeling better. It's ok to have bad days and have a good moan about it but its definitely better to know someone has your back :)

you know, we're all falling a little in love with your husband too :)

Claudia said...

Good thing everything is fine now! I am so happy for you you have a good man to take care of you and you should take care of him also! Happy Friday Sweetie!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Gotta love Team Maxham! I love our unit too :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Lauryn said...

Being part of a team just makes the world a better place, doesn't it?

Sorry you had a bad day my dear! I hope your Friday is treating you much better!

Erin said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rough day; those are never fun. But, thank goodness you have a wonderful husband who is there to listen, support and encourage. I hope your Friday goes much better and you have a lovely weekend.

Amanda said...

oww cute drawing!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

aww honey - I didn't even get on fb till after bedtime last night. I'm so sorry you had a tough day!

Faiza said...

what a wonderful drawing!

happy to hear you got through a bad day with your cheering squad/teamate/hubby/lover/best friend!

ladydazy said...

Those are the cutest drawings I've seen in such a long time!!!

Maddy said...

I'm so happy that you have Max in your life. He seems like such a wonderful guy. I always have your back, too ;)

Feel better!!

Claire Kiefer said...

This is why I want love so badly. It's hard not being part of a team.

Simply Me said...

So sorry to hear you had an awful day but Its the best feeling to know that someone has your back , no matter what life may bring your way ..
Happy for the two of you <3

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