Sunday, March 20, 2011

things i like to discover about people...

snippets of our bedroom

come check out my guest post over at birthday girl Bianca's blog, Goodnight Little Spoon.

it was such a fun theme! i had fun answering her questions to the above.

come see me here please?

(katyha, do you recognize the beautiful crochet heart garland you made us in our bedroom? the perfect housewarming gift xo)


Katyha said...

YES!! I did :) your bedroom is gorgeous, everything goes so well together. Gorgeous post ;)

Gracie said...

Oh this ought to be a beautiful post. I will be checking it out soon. I bet your bedroom is filled with lovely goods! x

Meghan said...

Your bedroom looks so beautiful!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

So you want me to post some photos of my bedroom? It's a bit of a disaster right now, with tissues strewn all over the place, and rumpled blankets... But I'll for sure take a few pictures once I'm over this plague!

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