Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we love music and lyrics speak to me.

and it's always fun to see what music others listen to right? 

so how fun was this shuffle post/idea jessie had. i loved seeing bands like lucero to artists like elvis costella on her iTunes shuffle. Then seeing claire's with jackson browne to my favorite, coldplay. Tillie with her eccentric taste who's shuffle looked most like mine {a girl who has the Beatles and Nirvana}. 

i once had an affaire amour with a guy who looked like Robert Pattinson (no joke) where we dreamt of having sleepovers in my flannel pajamas with apples on them and listening to music. If that was now, this is what would be on my iTunes shuffle: 

*forgive my messy writing... i was outside on the porch with my ipod and morning coffee when i penned this on graph paper
yup, if this was a big sleepover we could dance to abba and MJ and have a glass of wine and talk about our affair amours to coldplay and that beautiful one by Rachael Cantu (who i discovered when she opened for B.B. King)

i also love that two of the songs were ones i discovered through mixed tapes made for me by M (#18) and April (#21).

so what would your 25 songs be if you pressed shuffle on your iTunes?

play along and show a piece of who you are {cos doesn't our music taste say a bit about us?} and if you do, leave me a comment so i can check out your shuffle! no editing... hello, i have the beach boys on mine!


Claire Kiefer said...

Hahaha "hello, I have the Beach Boys on mine"--so funny! I had some randoms on mine too, but it was so fun to see what came up. The next 25 could be totally different!

So cute that you wrote yours out :)

Thanks for doing this!! I hope lots more people follow suit!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Jac said...

Good morninggg, sunshine!

I saw your post first thing and I loved it! Here's my list:


Have a lovely day!

Mrs.B said...

I agree with CK...love how you wrote them out!

I am going to do this later today, the listening...not the writing out...LOL.

Marisa said...

What a great list... Anne Lennox, Why... One of the most haunting songs ever. I must go listen to it now. I just did mine today. Such a great idea!

PS I am loving your new header font. Please tell me how you did that xoxo

Jen said...

I will do a post on this... soon, I promise. And I promise you a link back as well. :)

Love that you have my favorite "The Scientist" on your list. :) I don't even think I have that song in my iTunes library, but it holds such a special place in my heart.

Kimbirdy said...

i love all of your songs!! some of them are favs of mine. but it's hard to just pair it down to 25 right? that seems difficult. maybe i'll be back later in the week to share 25 from my ipod. this is so fun!

Cindy said...

1) "Without You"-Dixie Chicks
2) "Home"-She&Him
3) "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"-Billy Joel
4) "Si la Photo Est Bonne"-Barbara
5) "Too Long"-Yael Naim
6) "Intuition"-Feist
7) "Remember (Walking in Sand)-Shangri-Las
8) "Pino Pino (I Drink I Drink)-Anastasia Moutsatsou
9) "The Hoppity Song"-John Ondrasnik
10) "Two Birds"-Regina Spektor
11) "Everything is Fine"-Josh Turner
12) "Broken-Hearted Girl"-Beyonce
13) "Folding Chair"-Regina Spektor
14) "Jesse"-Joan Baez
15) "Poor Girl's Blues"-Jolie Holland
16) "Field Below"-Regina Spektor
17) "Lemondade"-Cocorosie
18) "Main Offender"-the Hives
19) "I Thought I Saw Your Face Today"-She&Him
20) "Hands"-The Raconteurs
21) "Hanuman"-Rodrigo y Gabriela
22) "Makers"-Rocky Votolato
23) "Always Where I Need to Be"-the Kooks
24) "What'd I Say"-Ray Charles
25) "What'd I Say"-Lightnin' Hopkins

I think it's time to add more music to my iPod...

Carlito86 said...

The Greatest is one of my all time favourite songs <3 xx

Gracie said...

Haha I might try this but it will probably be a little embarrassing!

I love the Damien Rice Delicate song!! I should really download it.

P.S. I can't wait until you get the gift we sent :) x

Tillie said...

I have NO idea why we have never swapped CDs! haha! I have been so terrible with my mail.. I think I will have to get on to fixing that! Just been such a busy bee. I love that you wrote yours out. That made me smile. You are the most wonderful xx

Shell said...

this was soo much fun!!

i played...



giddynici said...

What a great mix. Songs for any mood or occassion. x

jackiek said...

i did it with 20 songs!

Leesh said...

I have Beach Boys on my iPod too - Don't Worry Baby and Surfer Girl. I think my love for them comes from my dad who had most of their records or LPs (I don't remember what they were called back then).

I hope you don't mind but I did the shuffle myself - here's my list > http://blarkness.blogspot.com/2011/03/shuffle.html

Anonymous said...

All married women are not wives.

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