Friday, November 7, 2008

Unexpected Surprise.

It was like Christmas when this was in my mailbox from SWEET Katy!
It was thoughtful, and unexpected.

She simply wrote on the inside, "This reminded me of you and Marianne." *Marianne is my twinkie :)
It touched my heart!!!!

She didn't even know I freaked out @ work that I forgot to DVR the Olsen twins on Oprah a few weeks ago and frantically called a friend to TiVo it.

How I was touched when on Oprah they were interviewing each other, and the question was, "How do you want to be remembered?" One of the girls answered, "I want to be known as a good friend" ... to which her twin said, "You are a good friend." *again, reminded me of Marianne. She's the "sweeter" twin of us two :)
She didn't even know how much I covet their fashion.

Which makes her gift more genuine.
It REALLY made my day!!!!

I luv you Katy!!!! miss you just as much! xo

and thank you with all my heart! x 100000

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