Monday, June 15, 2009

my sun-kissed weekend

The Wilsons (twinkie + Husband + Logan) invited us to his Mother's house while she was out of town to lounge at her pool.
Lounge we did! day & night, because how fun is night time swimming?!
i call Philip's Mom, my mother-in-law. She told me to help myself out to her liquor cabinet, and although i didn't, i couldn't help but pose with my ex love Jose (me and tequila broke up in college).

me + twinkie had our babies with us, her boy Logan & of course, my baby girl Maverick.

i lost my top twice, once to diving and once to the sun. *wink
i felt like i did when i was in italy. [sorry for the kind of risque photos- it's just my back!!!]

i love the picture of twinkie & my darling friend... it's a picture of my two favorite people.

THANK-YOU to the Wilsons!!!
we love the fun we had under the sun and i love you! xo


Stephanie Belen said...

aw, looks like you had tons of fun, and i'm glad you did. :) by the way, your top in the first picture is so cute! i love the design. :)

Max said...

good pics!

i look fat in one of those though, ha. it was fun...worth how tired i was on monday, despite what i may have said monday morning!

The Socialite said...

Love the pictures - even the risque ones! tee-hee It totally looks like you had a great time! You're oozing happiness in the pictures! ;)

Anonymous said...

The one of you by yourself sitting by the pool.... very sexy.
Fun! I miss warm Texas weather.

Micaela said...

girls, i had suuuch a great time!!! it was EXACTLY what i needed!

*big smiles* thx for the compliments on my backside hehe because seriously right before? i stepped on the scale and it was official-- i have gained weight! but i will just think of it as feeling more monroe-ish ;)

xo you girls are fabulous!!! i'm glad to know you all

and Max, well duh! i don't have to say anything except you are quite possibly why i am so happy!!!! no wait, YOU ARE.

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