Monday, June 29, 2009

3,455 miles of fun & love

what vacation bliss with the boy i love.
max took me on the roadtrip of a lifetime!
it would take a million words to tell you lovies how much i looooved each moment with my bf.
so instead, a few pics and my top 5 moments of each City?:

first stop: Atlanta, GA
1. Grandparent's house & seeing old family pictures like below [that's my sweet boy in his momma's lap]
2. Maxham Rd.- they seriously have a road!
3. GA Tech- seeing where my boy went as an undergrad
4. eating at Varsity
5. Sharing a pitcher of blue moon and pizza that reminded me of Italia at felinies

Lynchburg, VA
1. His family. I do believe my boy comes from a good one!
2. They were so sweet, trying to accomodate to my vegetarian ways- like taking me to the charming Farm Basket. I was in love.
3. Watching Max interact with his cute 3 yr old nephew (who's name is Caleb and thought my name was MiCaleb)
4. Monticello- how smart was our 3rd President!? i was blown away. *side story: we played with writing with a quill- below is Max's love letter to me. It says, "It [quill ink] stays forever. I hope you do too."
5. Max driving me out to the top of a hill to see the City lights. I couldn't stop smiling, i was so happy in that moment. Happiness, you had finally found me.

Washington D.C.
I could not contain my happiness to FINALLY see our Capital!

1. Hitting the tourist stops, but esp. the Vietnam Wall. My pappa is a vietnam veteran so I HAD to enscribe the name of my Pappa's best friend growing up. It was a sad moment.
2. Hanging out with my Nagita and meeting her friends (who were also in town from Texas for a conference)
3. VAN GOGH- we only had time to hit one Smithsonian, so I chose the Museum of Natural Art.
4. Nagita giving us a personal tour of her workplace, The Washington Post
5. Walking everywhere with my bf, who didn't mind taking a pic of tipsy me making out with Barack... on a wall

Memphis, TN
this was a surprise unplanned stop on our way home so bf could surprise me with...

2. Beale St.
3. Dancing to the blues with Max
4. Getting our charictures done
5. buying matching Gold Elvis sunglasses at Graceland

Dear Max,

Thank-you with ALL my heart for an amazing time.
Thank-you for sharing your wonderful family with me.
Thank-you for getting us everywhere safely and for letting me nap while you drove.
Thank-you for sharing your childhood bed with me. *wink
Thank-you for making me feel loved, and closer than ever to you.
I love you! and miss you already. (even though I will see you in a few hours when we both get off work)

love you mostly,
Chunga xo


Jaimie Grigsby said...

I'm jealous!!! I love how in love you are, it reminds me of myself. I want to see more pics!! After baby is born were going for cosmos, your drink made me thirsty!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow! This post makes me so jealous!! How great x

Farah said...

awww...that is so sweet! you guys look great together! also, welcome back my dear! ;)

brown eyed girl said...

what a lovely couple and a lovely trip! :D

Stephanie Belen said...

hey lovey dove! i'm glad your back! you're posts have been missed! :) i love that your hugging the wall that reads "philippines" with all your might! :)))

so jealous you go to go on a roadtrip. :)

The Socialite said...

Oh my gosh Micaela! I loved all your pictures! :)) {The
"Making out with Obama Wall" is too cute!} Your trip sounds so fun! The surprise trip to Graceland must have been a blast!

What a great way to spend summer but on the road with the man you love! ;)

max said...

i had been to all these places before...but it was never as much fun as it was with you!

i love you!

Sara said...

Seems like you had tons and tons of fun!
Thank you for leaving a comment :)
and yes, she is a lovely person!

orsoifeel said...

your back!!!! you were missed... but it looks like you had an amazing time. So jealous about DC... want to go someday! How cute are you in your plaid dress...
sounds like this max might be a keeper.

Micaela said...

thank you sweet sweet girls!
i missssed your blogs while i was away. It's been lovely catching up :)

marisa, i think you are right, he just might be ;)

hugs and love to each and every one of you!!!!

sendingpostcards said...

i love the photo with you in front of the van gogh - did you have to sneak it?

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