Tuesday, November 24, 2009

always count your blessings.

the baby of the family moved out after her college graduation. this year she has her own Christmas tree in her own apartment and we have started a wonderful tradition of giving each other an ornament. this is the ornament my little seester gave me secretly bought from this craft market we went to together.

i am very close to my whole family, but if there's any two of us that have maybe (at times it seems) worked a little harder to show that love for each other it would be us.

heartbreaking silly fights.

so this ornament means a lot to me. this tradition we have created {just the two of us in our family} means all the more.

"always count your blessings" is what my ornament reminds me.

im thankful to have a little seester.
and for the beautiful ornament she chose for me.

i'm an ornament girl completely.

so glad to have shared this love with you all.

thank-you for playing in my ornament exchange.

i know i've said it ten times already, and i'll probably say it ten times more.

a little housekeeping: a few of you lovies have asked if you could send your ornaments before Dec. 1st. OF COURSE!!! Dec. 1st was just the last day i hoped anyone would send their ornaments out.

friends, you are all so cute. xo

please send me pictures of your recieved ornament! i'd love to post about them as they come in. my own version of the 12 days of Christmas.


Well Nice Chels said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on the post about my little brother. Brought a smile to my face :) I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Go Ornament Exchange 2009! And Texas!

Jenni said...

Oh what a sweet story! My boyfriend and I have been getting an ornament each year so that in 20 years we can fill our tree with all of our special ornaments and each one will have a story. :)

Gracie said...

Very sweet! I like the idea of exchanging ornaments with friends too. I think counting your blessings is always a good thing.
You're absolutely adorable!! xx

Nahl said...

Wow, you're so lucky to have a sister and a great one at that!
I'm the only daughter in the family so it tends to get a little lonely...but hey,this is the topic of counting your blessings so I should instead be thankful for my family the way it is, MashaAllah. :)

Krissa said...

that ornament is beautiful! i love it...what a fun tradition!

i-zilla said...

boo, i'm bummed i missed signing up for the ornament exchange! i'm going to be getting my very own xmas tree this year, i can't wait to pick out my very first ornaments!

nifer said...

That is one of the best ornaments I have ever seen. It's beautiful, both in looks and in its message!

~ Jen

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww that is so special. Love this story.

AND am I allowed to say I am so stoked on my ornament exchange partner? I mean, I would love anyone I got, but this girl I have been lurking from afar! So it'll be fun to get to know her. WOW I sound like a nutjob.

And YOU are beautiful, my dear.

Marisa said...

that ornament is beautiful... what a sweet traditoin you have started. i need one of those with my little sis

Melissa A. said...

This is so sweet. I've learned through the years that even though we have close friends that seem like family to us, seasons change and so do friends, but our family is just always there, even if we don't get along with them sometimes. What a great little tradition to bond your relationship with your little seester!

CC. said...

im worried my ornament wont stack up to the precious one like the one pictured above. so fun you love ornaments, im debating a small tree at my own place. perhaps, i think it would cheer me up...

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