Friday, June 3, 2011

10 things i'm loving...

Abigail is one of my newest friends in the blogging world.

She's a fellow Texan, also owns a cute furry baby shih-tzu (oh if only Gino and my Stella could have play dates!) and she owns her own Photography business.

right now she's in NYC with her family so yours truly is blog-sitting.

Wanna know 10 things i'm fancying at the moment? 

please visit me here

1 comment:

Karina said...

I love the ten things you are adoring!! Oh text me a pic with your rocking new sunglasses :)

I am so swooning over that ring not as much as for Colin :)
Those nutella croissants - amazing and oh so yummy!!!

Hey and I still haven't received my one of a kind Micaela postcards! Tsk.. tsk... now I'm sad!!

I love you my beautiful sister!!!


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