Friday, June 10, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

when we were little, my pappa would buy those pink coconut twinkies and give them to us because we were his twinkies.
♥ today is my Pappa's birthday!!! and also our stella bear turns 1 today! here's her smiling at the camera this morning while i was having my cup of coffee (as you can kind of see, i slept in my lucky MAVS shirt!) loves of my life. i wish i was home to enjoy the birthday dinner my momma is putting together for the family tonight. read more at twinkie's blog to see how wonderfully blessed we are to have an amazing father.

i also wish i could have a dog birthday party for stella and invite you all over with your pups. how fun would that be? i'd get gourmet dog cookies and we'd have it at a dog park so they could all run around together. 

♥ how beautiful is this print?! my favorite kind of artwork and it's titled "sisters." i was terribly lucky to win this Hue & Hum print giveaway that the ever sweet Rhianne was hosting. Thank-you love! it's perfect.

♥ remember how excited i was when i purchased these two toned tumbleweed sunnies for my upcoming trip to SF? i lurve them!!! they came in and beca was right-- doug did make them extra special for me. You need to treat yourself and grab a pair! you'll be seeing these again for sure when i get back from my girl's trip and show you photos. 

speaking of beca... you MUST check out this fun post on her blog today. my husband will be proud with his 15 minutes of blog fame that WASN'T on this blog - ha! really, i loved being in a post with other girls we adore but seeing our guys in their shop's creations... awesome!

♥ i'm a girl who lives in heels but standing the whole time i'm at work is no bueno in 4 inch stilettos. i decided to suck it up and go get some flats that were comfortable & because we can actually wear trainers to work, i wanted something that was girly still and would go with dresses. i LOVE these airwalks like you wouldn't believe (actually my feet love them more). i wore them with the floral dress claire gave me for my birthday.

♥ marina, my niece and her smile. she steals my heart and always makes me happy!

also lovies! Monday i'm hosting a giveaway that i'm pretty excited about. Don't forget to come back and check it out... xo


green tea and red nails said...

gorgeous! love the shoes.. i am really needing a new pair of flat, comfy and funky shoes and these are great!

Happy birthday to your papa :)

have a fabulous weekend - Kel x

Stina G said...

Awws, Stella is SO CUTE!!
I tried those shoes on the other day but they didn't have my size! They're super cute.
Happy birthday to your papa :)

Karina said...

Ok so I love this post for so many reasons!!!

First of all it's the birthday of one of my family members!! Sweet papa Lechuga!!! Wishing your pappa a very sweet birthday and many more full of happiness, love, health, and family blessings!!!

And a very Happy Birthday to my furry niece Stella Bear :) Too adorable!!

Yay!! For winning that beautiful print, I do remember when you blogged about falling in love with it and I'm so happy for you!!

Your new sunglasses - spectacular!! And you look super beautiful with them!! Ha!! and I loved Max's debut!! He looks adorable! Tell him to send me his autograph :)

I am loving those new flats!! Your coming up with quite a collection, those and the leopard one's you got while you were here in NYC :)

Marina - Beautiful - tan bella!!!!
I'm loving her little shy smile :)

Hmmmm... A giveaway on Monday I'm wondering if there's any way I can bribe you into winning this special giveaway that's coming up?? haha!!

I love you more than cupcakes and loved our chat my beautiful sister!!!!!!!!


Nicole LeLacheur said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! Your dog is adorable, and I need a pair of those sunglasses.

Gracie said...

Happy birthday to your papa!! And to your sweet Stella. It's birthdays all around.

I live in flats because I can't wear heels very well. I guess that's why I'm obsessed with ballet flats, TOMS etc.

You're sweet niece. Beautiful smile. x

April said...

Happy birthday to your Poppa! And your puppy!! :) I want to go to a dog birthday party someday. Or I'll just host one. That'll be another time when I'll be wishing we all lived close together! lol
Love that print. Definitely checking out the Etsy shop. Lucky girl! I won a giveaway this week too!
I really love your flats! I bet you look great in those with that cute dress. :)

Claire said...

awww Happy Birthdays!!! I wear flats all the time! i cant wear heels for longer than 10 minutes my poor back protests :(

Megan said...

Oh Happy birthday wishes to your papa and your puppy, what a special day!!
I love those sunnies so much, I think I need some :-)

Abi P. said...

Stella bear is totally smiling for you! How adorbs! I wish we really could get our pups together. They would love each other :)

Elaine said...

happy happy birthday to your pappa! i love seeing those older photos of you guys!

those shoes look adorable that i just might have to pick some out for myself! i live in flats, runners and flip flops these days. my stilettos have been shoved at the back of our shoe closet, never to see the light of day again unless (a) hubby and i have a date night that requires me to actually dress up; or (b) we have some sort of formal occasion to do go; or (c) i go back to work!

happy birthday again to your pappa!

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