Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dallas Morning News

i thought i was going to end the night in tears after missed baskets and turnovers left and right that were hard to watch but... i didn't. i didn't turn the channel when others may have because i just knew we were in the NBA Finals for a reason

BEAUTIFUL Basketball when it mattered, when it came to the last seconds. And who delivered?!

a gift i'm holding on for baby Felix

i realize many of you lovies may not follow basketball or sports for that matter so i thank you for indulging me. xo


Gracie said...

I'm happy for you :) I do like sport too and used to watch basketball a lot when I lived at home.

Plus the little bear for future bub! x

April said...

Heck yeah, girl!!! They just wanted to make it exciting for you. lol 1/1! When's the next game? I'm doing so bad at keeping up this year.

Elaine said...

while you are very busy watching your beloved mavericks, i'm catching the stanley cup and cheering for our team, the canucks!!!

this is in hopes that both our favourite teams win!!!!

kisses to you doll, it's been a while but two kids in this house keeps me on my toes too much and away from my laptop!

Karina said...

Yay!! For your Mavs!!!
You are adorable and I love you!!

I love baby Felix's teddy bear too adorable, just like she will be!!

I love you xoxoxo

Those darn socks, seriously where could they go to! I would try that baggie thing but I wash way to many socks they just wouldn't fit!

I wish we could be in central park together to see the black eyed peas we would have so much fun!! Miguelito loves you soo much and we will most definitely dance through skype when he's a black belt!!

Love you more than outer space and French fries :)


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