Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to one of the loves of my life...

my little niece Sophia turned 4 today!!! 

as an auntie it's so hard to see her grow up only in pictures... my babies live in Italy so my sister sent me these photos of my darling Sophia and her sister Marina decorating her birthday cake. Loves of my life. i can't wait to hug and kiss them next month for our little sister's wedding when they'll be in town!

P.S. i totally forgot today was wens. and missed out on a wanting to know you post. sunday i forgot to feature a sharing sundays. oy vey.

i started a part-time job this week and already i'm exhausted. it's terrible i'm complaining when it's only part-time! but next week i'm going on an EXCITING trip i can't wait to tell you about tomorrow. Not only will i be spending time with some of my closest girlfriends, but also bloggers you lovies know. details tomorrow! xo


Claire Kiefer said...

Sophia is SOOOOO CUTE and looks like you and Marianne. :) I can understand why you hate being away from her! So excited for your post tomorrow--eeeeek! Also, cannot believe we haven't discussed your part time job. We are so behind!

Kenza Salem said...

awwww how sweet!!!
thanks for the good energy!!!

Karina said...

Too adorable!!!!!!!!!! I love that first pic of Sophia showing her birthday cake!!! Your sobrinas are just too adorable!!

Happy Birthday to lovely Sophia!!

My dear family girl I feel your pain and being so far away from special loved ones, but just think about all the fun and love you will be able to share when you see them this summer!!!!!

I love you xoxoxo

Claire said...

aww she is a doll :) What is your job? Tell us!!

Claudia said...

Happy 4th Birthday to your beautiful niece! I love her name by the way ;)

Gracie said...

Eeee! Sophia is gorgeous. They both are. It is hard watching nieces (or nephews) growing up from afar but it will be nice to give them a big cuddle when you get to see them.
And yay for part time job. Hopefully it's good :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the girls are so adorable! I worry too about living away from my soon-to-be-born nephew, but the husband and I have to do what's best for us. I'm hoping that in the long run, we'll be closer than Italy. ;) Happy Birthday, precious Sophia!

Amanda said...

Sophia is such a doll I can hardly stand it! She looks like a proud happy four-year-old standing next to that cake. :)

Excited for you and the part-time job!

Even more excited for your trip to San all around. You girls will have a blast!

Marisa said...

She is just precious

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh my gosh, super cute!

It must be hard to have them so far away from you, but living in Italy must be such a cultural treat for them, the lucky things!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

x Jasmine

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