Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sharing Sundays... lucy violet vintage.

sometimes you come across a blogger and you think, i would love to go on a girl date with her. Mine and Kylie's girl date would consist of thrifting! 

Kylie loves to gather "treasure"... anything old, well used, and loved. She shares her finds on her blog lucy violet vintage

seriously, i want this Jesus Valentine! she collects what she calls religionalia for the kitsch (april we get that don't we?)

and her dog Jed? adorable! even he appreciates vintage... check out his bed!
i am now on the hunt for one for my pups! 

do you remember me talking about how much i loved these hand stitched pillowcases? Kylie made them and because there are truly genuinely kind people in the world, she wanted to surprise me with a set specially made by her!

here's a sneak pic above. don't you love when you're excited about getting a special package in the mail? i can't wait to get her beautiful creations! {and now convince her she needs to open up an etsy shop please?}

thank-you Kylie! not just for being so sweet but for being a thrifting muse. xo your blog is always eye candy for my vintage heart.

***don't forget, giveaway tomorrow!


April said...

Did my comment come through? I got a freaking error message when I hit publish. My phone/computer apparently hate all communication with you.

If it didn't go through, it basically said I will never find anything that amazing while thrifting because if I did, I would probably just pee all over myself in the store and it'd be awful embarrassing.

Thanks for sharing! <3


Claire said...

funny i just found her blog the other day. love it!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ohhhhh my goodness gracious--Jed's bed is SO DANG CUTE!!! I can't believe it! And she's so very sweet for making you your own pillowcases. I love kind strangers!

Giddy that I get to see you the day after tomorrow!!

Kylie said...

thank you are a darling. What a lovely surprise to wake up to a (very kind and generous) post all about moi! x

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