Monday, June 6, 2011

Postal Service.

i have really slacked at keeping up with my mail posts... which means a long post when i do catch up that's photo heavy! : sorry lovies :

^April sent me "something borrowed" (which i had been wanting to read after i loved the movie), a mix cd she called "what a crazy day mix" (including songs from the Runaways, Weezer, and Rufus Wainwright to name a few), and the Pirates cup from when she went and saw it at a drive-in because she knows my absolute love for my girlfriend, Penelope Cruz. So cute!

^letters from alyssa (ginger spice to my sporty spice) always make me laugh! i loved the vintage paper doll that came with her first letter and then this awesome postcard arrived a few days later-- a photo from my wedding! isn't that awesome? now i really wish i had an iphone!

^ellie from australia is another great friend i was blessed to meet just through postcrossing. she always sends me her beautiful photographs (doesn't Bartlett's Beach look like heaven?) gorgeous eye for beauty. she also sent two cds she can't stop listening to-- Florence & The Machine's 'lungs' and Kisschasy's 'seizures.' 

^from Kristina in slovenia (the cappuccino was delish!!!) also a friend i met through postcrossing.

^prettiest postcard from Beca

^from karolina  (pretty necklace, no?)

^from Erin--  i die over the Royal Wedding Stamp!!! and the tiara and heart sticker and the fact that she was at the above pretty hotel for her Royal Wedding Tea Party! 

^this gorgeous handmade stitched stationary from this brilliant artist

^from Gracie (how cute is that vintage dog postcard?! + the bicycle magnet?)

^for my best friend back home, my Maria who's expecting her first and it's going to be a little girl! i did get that cute Dallas Mavericks ruffle set that made my womb ache + shoes to match (cos she'll be like her 'auntie' and love them no doubt! how cute is that onsie? cos her auntie not only loves her some shoes, but some ice cream too!

^reply to ellie that included a mixed tape i made her

^i thought it was cute when Gracie asked me if i could get her these magazines because she's into "The Hunger Games" and couldn't get them in australia. She said she would pay for them but i am a girl who knows how it is to want a magazine outside of the U.S. (hello! remember when Robbie Williams got married?!) it's what friends do :)

^my reply to karolina that included one of my collaged postcards

^i sent april some listening material since she has to drive an hour + to and from work 

^a polaroid card for ria
^i got this art poster print of monet's Venice Palazza Da Mula for my friend Kristina's birthday (her favorite artist / one of my favorite cities)

how can i ever not be a happy girl when i check mail? among the bills, these love letters are such a joy to my day. 

Not to mention i adore my mail clerk so i enjoy going to the post office to mail out love letters-- every time he sees me he says, "there she is!" i don't know why, it always makes me feel special. 


Kylie said...

lots of lovely mail! lucky you!
Micaela, I've got a bad feeling I may have sent pillowcases to wrong address! Noooooo! I sent them to the address which was on the front of the envelope my lovely post-cards came in....P-L-E-A-S-E tell me that's right????

Kylie said...

Micaela, I have...damn! I've sent them to Seattle even though I know you live in Texas! What a dummy! Do you know who I sent them to?
Is there any way you'll be able to get them? I won't write down the swear words I'm thinking right now...

Stina G said...

I am very jealous of you & your mailbox right now!! :)

Claudia said...

by far you have the happi*est* mailbox! xoxo

Alyssa said...

So glad my mail graced your letterbox :)

Shell said...

i love your collage postcards.

ooh tell me why i want the something borrowed book with that cover?! Yes, thats why! hee hee
i might donate mine to my local library & buy me a copy with this cover. :)

Gracie said...

I love love love mail! I simply adore the magazines! You are so amazing! Everything you send it just so personal and beautiful. I really do love seeing your mail posts. x

April said...

I just saw this! I'm so glad you liked the little things I sent you, and thanks again for the Sedaris. I've been listening to it this week and I really like him more after listening to him read his stories. He's so hilarious!!!

I know what you mean about feeling special. Carlos did that for me at work with his winks and 'good morning, beautiful's. Yesterday was his last day though. :( I'm so sad. Work sucks (even more) now.

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