Thursday, June 9, 2011


i decided to treat myself to a much needed pedi today... guess what color i chose? 

The Official Site of the Dallas Mavericks

with a 112-103 win in Game 5 tonight we are 


kara, you were so right-- i was freaking out!!! ah-mazing!


Sarah said...

Woohoo! LOVE the sports excitement. Ladies are rocking Canucks manicures in Vancouver! I read online something about a LeBron's triple double...what is that?

April said...

I love you dearly, but the next game, the Heat will probably win. And then game 7, your head will probably explode from anticipation and excitement.
Love your pedi!! Looks great. I want blue toes! Seems like I've read about blue toes in like 4 different things lately - a Cosmo article, the book I'm reading, and something else. Either way, now I WANT THEM.

Micaela said...

it's SO EXCITING!!! Sarah your series is tied no? I'm rooting for your team!!! A triple double is when you record three double-digit stats. The most common triple-double involves points, assists, and rebounds. I know that probably won't make any sense if you don't like basketball ha! Basically it means he's REALLY GOOD. And he is. He went to Miami for lots of money. but he wasn't good enough tonight!!! WHOOO. Let's cross our fingers for our teams!!!!

April, how could you say that?! NOOOOO! we have momentum! and yes, i will explode either way. Oh to be in Dallas tonight... i have NO voice at all. ha

Raquel said...

As a fellow Miamian, albiet not a sports fan, just wanted to say you guys are kicking ass! Good for you! & I think of you everytime I see the Dirk dude! Is that weird? Lol

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I am praying for a similar situation tomorrow night as the Canucks take on Boston at home! If they win it, we are one game away from the Stanley Cup!!! (I wonder if I have blue and green nail polish? perhaps I should check now...)

So happy for your big win! Fingers crossed for one more!

Elaine said...

you are too cute, M! and you remind me of my hubby. just today, we are looking for a new stroller for the boys and he wanted to buy a green one. WHY?!? because it's in the almost exact shade of green as the one in our canucks jerseys!!! lol.

i am so rooting for your boys to win. just as i am about our boys here in town!!!! let's both keep our fingers crossed!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Cute colour and cute shoes!

x Jasmine

Gracie said...

Ohh yay for you! I know how excited you are about this. I hope they win.

Plus good choice on the pedicure colour (plus adore your pretty shoes). x

Summer Athena said...

i have no interest in basketball but i do love how much you adore it and those mavs of yours.

love the toes!

erin said...

i really need to get me a pedi, you've inspired me to go today! and i love your little tat :)

Karina said...

Woooooooohhhhoooooo!!! I am SO happy for your Mavs and you!!!!! I am SO rooting for them to win you are my sister after all and that's what sisters do :) Plus I'm not a heats fan!! hehehe!!

Oh and I did tell you I am in love with that color!! Your piggies are rocking!!!


Kara said...

Haha you're precious! We've been watching the series - it's been super awesome. We have no ties to either Miami or Dallas but we're rooting for the Mavs because we think LeBron is a major douche! :) Haha!

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