Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this winner is going to look gorgeous in her shabby apple dress!

Kitty of Fritzi Marie you just won Shabby Apple's Kanani dress! and i know it's going to look amazing on you.

please email me your mailing address to pass along to Shabby Apple.

i want photos of you looking like the fire engine you are in your new dress. i think dan's mouth will drop when you wear this on your next date night xo


Fritzi Marie said...


I am beyond excited! I've already picked out the perfect pair of shoes to wear with it. I'm going to wear it on my trip to New Orleans this summer. Thank you so much.

I adore you, dear friend.


Faiza said...

Oh! I love it when someone I know wins a giveaway. I feel like I won! Yay Kitty!

Rhianne said...

oh my gosh, it couldn't have gone to a better person! Kitty is going to look stunning in that dress :)

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