Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

cropped tops are my latest fashion obsession. 

i was on the search for one to bring with me to San Francisco and fell in love with this gorgeous print. i love how it buttons up the backside.

 {forgive this cell phone pic and my doggie's crate in the shot} i took this photo to show april (who knew of my hunt for the perfect crop top)

me and katy at a cute bar in SF

i not only love the print, but i also love that it's not completely cropped because no one wants to see that much of my stomach! {especially not me}

what's your latest fashion obsession? 

friendship bracelets? bell bottoms? rompers (which i will always love)? bling earrings like claire?

+ let's talk fashion trends below +


CaL said...

I wouldn't call it my "latest" but I've ALWAYS been a friendship bracelet stacker. I have 10 on my right wrist currently that I don't take off. If it sounds gross, sorry, but I swim w/ them, shower w/ them & sleep with them. They all mean something to me too. Also, can I steal your top! It's PERFECT.

Micaela said...

CaL i can see that about you and i love it! :)

Maddy said...

I LOVE crop tops! that one is PERFECT! Because no one wants to see that much of my stomach either ;)

I'd say the aztec/geometric thing that's popular right now is my biggest trend love at the moment, especially when it's on cute crop tops!

Meghan said...

It is truly adorable! I love it!

jackiek said...

love that top! you look so cute in it.
i'm loving lace right now. lace dresses, shirts, and skirts! i love that they can go either way- they can either look super girly or they can look very boho depending on your mood!

Claire Kiefer said...

Heehee, so funny when you saw all my jewelry and said, "Wow, you really do like blingy jewelry." hahaha. It's true!

Otherwise, as you know, it's summer so I love maxi dresses. And my tattoo banner necklace from Love & Victory.

You look adorable in your crop top and flat tummy!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Skirts with leggings. Have been happily wearing them all year, until recently when it's been warm enough to go bare-legged!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

A nice big bag - is a must have for me and lately it's been a brown leather obsession.

Also latest trend has been a nice classic nautical look. Love sailor pants, stripped shirt, with sandals and a big bag.

Wish I could pull off the cropped belly shirt like you but it's almost as bad as me in bermuda shorts

April said...

WHAT A FIND. I fell in love with it, too, when you sent me that picture. I'm going shopping tomorrow, maybe I'll find something just as good! ;) I can't think of any trends I'm really on board with right now... maybe metallic stuff? Is that still a trend? lol

Shelly said...

just wanted to let you know i'm back with a new blog and that i still love yours!

Marisa said...

For me it is maxi dresses. I feel so feminine in them. I am loving you in that top. Very pretty.

kimbirdy said...

when i saw your sf photos i squealed over that shirt! it's so cute and such a good look on you. lately my fashion obsession has been pretty simple - summer dresses! it's been a loooong time since i lived in a place with warm weather through the summer, so i'm thrilled to be wearing cute little dresses in the sun. plus, they show off the tattoo on my back, which is a very exciting bonus.

Leesh said...

There is no way I could wear a crop top with my donut of a tummy sticking out, but you my dear have rocked it quite well!

I really adore rompers, jumpers and friendship bracelets.

Gracie said...

You look so cute! I used to love cropped tops when I was about 13 or older haha. But now I feel a little weird. I think it's just me.

I'm loving friendship bracelets and other pretty bracelets that can be stacked. All different styles.

Oh, My Darling said...

What a fun, summery blouse!

Nadiine said...

im loving playsuits/rompers this summer :) and I love all the tribal print that has been going around - i love that crop top!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

SUPER cute! I wish I had the body to wear tops like that.

My latest fashion obsession is stripey tops. Love them!

x Jasmine

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