Friday, June 24, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ i fell in love with Emi-Jay hair ties while using claire's in SF. She blogged about how amazing they were before and i should have listened. Cute, sturdy, and won't dent your hair if you decide to take your pony tail down. i instantly ordered Emi-Jay's pearl collection.

♥ i've been swooning over NBA Finals MVP (and my man who led his team to the Championship!) Dirk Nowitzki in glasses

photo + recipe link : La Mia Vita
♥ i made israeli couscous salad for lunch yesterday and just about ate the whole bowl! delicious and healthy and so easy to make! (i also used yellow tomatoes like the recipe suggested) 

♥ will you look at that face? i'm clearly an auntie who's smitten. my adorable niece sophia who recently turned 4 and already knows how to work the camera. this was at her dance recital.

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with? 

+please leave a link below if you do a post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


wfayew said...

New reader! (Found you through Claire's blog!) I'm definitely making that salad this weekend.

Happy Friday!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Just posted mine a little while ago. Lots to be grateful for on this, the last Friday of the school year. Come on, summer hols! Just 4 more days to go!

I wish Canada Post weren't on strike. I'd write you a good long letter...


Marz said...

One word: JORDAN KNIGHT baby!!! :)

Only it would make me happier knowing you would be going with me twinkie girl :( Makes me so sad knowing I bought these tickets as Christmas gifts for us :( But nothing can beat that first concert seeing them together with Madeline :)

That Sophie girl made my day!!! :)

I love you!!! xo

Alexandria said...

I lovelovelove the emijay hair ties! I buy them in obnoxious colors for races :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Wow--so proud of you for cooking!!! :) That looks like something I'd be all over. Will try it asap. Wearing my emi-jay now and every day. They're the best. I bet those pearl ones look beautiful in your dark hair! And Dirk does look cute in those glasses, gotta admit. Sophia--never been cuter!!

love and miss you. BTW Jessie is watching SOA at work; she's on Season 2 episode 2! You got some catchin' up to do!

Maddy said...

yum that salad looks sooo good! and i'm looking into those pony tail holders... they look cool! and I often go from up to down and although my hair is pretty wavy I hate dents!

Abby said...

Sophia is sooo cute. I love that name <3

Love the colors of your salad! I love colorful food :)

Becky said...

popped on over from Ricebabies, lovin' your site. We eat lots of pearl cous cous around here, my kids love it, so it's a regular staple for us. And, your niece IS a doll!

April said...

Oh my goodness, Dirk is the cutest thing ever in those glasses.

Gracie said...

Wow your niece is so beautiful. She's going to be stunning when she's older.

I will have to check out those hair ties. They sound wonderful!

That salad looks delicious! I really need to learn to be a better cook. x

Leesh said...

I have read Claire rave about the Emi-jay hair ties. I can't really grasp the concept of how it works but they look interesting. Do you think I should get some too?

Micaela said...

wfayew, nice to meet you! :) if you're a friend of claire's we're going to be great friends! :) can't wait to check out your blog.

Becky, you will love the salad!

April, i KNOW right?! swoon

Leesh, i sent you an email but YES! get yourself a set-- cute colors and they won't dent your hair. i loveee them!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Your niece is adorable! I just want to give her a huge hug!

x Jasmine

Holly said...

omg sophia is a DOLL!!!

Stina G said...

Sophia is ADORABLE!! Oh my goodness.

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