Monday, June 15, 2009

our nicknames for each other.

i call him:

darling friend.
bd (our secret nicknames)
but every day i call him Max.

He was born William Maxham. I might have once or twice called him just by his last name, and then i shortened it. (call it my laziness or that I love the name Max) I couldn't believe no one had ever called him Max... but i guess it makes sense, really. Leave it to me to find a new name for him.

My name is Micaela but until college, I went by Mickey. It's what my close family and friends still call me. He calls me Chunga.

We met at my old job (his current one), a local news station, KAUZ Ch 6. I was a reporter at the time, and was nominated by an organization as a woman of the community (my pappa was pretty proud!). A woman on behalf of the organization was a guest during their noon show and was talking about this banquet that would honor each lady that was chosen, including yours truly. This very sweet woman butchered my last name Lechuga (pronounced la-chew-guh) and said, "La-chunga." He's called me Chunga ever since.

Max & Chunga.
Who knew?


Anonymous said...

How cute is that!!! Perhaps this darling friend is to blame for ...

" i haven't felt this care-free in a long time...
i'm a happy girl.
life is good."

So happy for you...

PS and yes to your comment about JMcAvoy... after RPatz he may be my next obsession... i'm a sucker for a scottish accent.

Stephanie Belen said...

hehe, that's adorable. :) and although i'm late, congrats on the bit about your nomination as a woman of the community. it's awesome. :)

Micaela said...

Marisa, I think you hit the nose on that one ;)

and Belen, thanks sweetie! it was a year or so ago now, but it meant a lot. :)

The Socialite said...

so this is pretty much the cutest story ever! Plus "Chunga" brings me to giggles! That's a cute nickname.

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