Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 pictures on a Saturday.

my cream vintage booties, worn with black & white shorts

Christmas Market with seesters and Momma.

bought these awesome little iron ornaments with minnie clips
to hold photographs {loved they had vintage ones on display}

i bought extras for sweet add-ons on Christmas gifts.

(i think they can totally be used not only on the tree,
but around the house all year)

also scored: a personalized ceramic ornament in the outline of Texas.

i am proud of my state. Darling Friend's Dad likes to tease me of this fact. better yet, i like to tease him of this fact. I had the artist write:

"Merry Tex-Mas! [heart], Micaela
and wrote their family name on it.

i'm an ornament girl. completely.

i also did my shopping for Carly's Holiday Gift Swap. here's a sneak peak of the main gift i was thrilled to find. Nope, it's not a book... it looks like one so you can put it in your collection, but it opens like a jewelry box for your secrets.

also making my Saturday? this text from darling friend after a skype date: "you are so beautiful. I don't know how I got so lucky."

i love him. just love him. he is crazy to think i am beautiful with barely any make-up leftover from the day, in a sweatshirt (his sweatshirt). I joked that i got it from this guy i slept with once (you know that joke "and all i got was this lousy sweatshirt"). I told him i slept with him once and decided to sleep with him again...and again... and the next night... and again.

actually i can't wait to SLEEP with him. sleep. fall asleep talking... i can't wait for that again.


Belen said...

I got you FB message dear! :) Seeing this post REALLY makes me happy! And I'm so happy to know I'll be getting something! I didn't want to tell you, but I figured since you messaged me... I've made you something too! :)

Love you bunches!

Saltina said...

I'm in the holiday swap too! I love gift hunting.

Anna said...

1. i love your white boots
2. i love the text you got from your boy.
3. sounds like your shopping trip was lovely :)

missy. said...

ok those photo ornaments? LOOOVE them. so jealous you found those. i may have to do a little research of my own to see where i can get one! [etsy maybe?]

glad to hear you and darling friend are doing so well. and i am also glad that he tells you how much he appreciates you and realizes he is a hell of a lucky guy to have you in his life my lovely.

i hope your weekend was wonderful, i love you!

Sara said...

there's a general warmth about this post and I love it :)

marisa said...

m - i love your finds. what a wonderful idea to hang vintage photos as ornaments.

ps i used to have a pair of boots like that... i wonder what i did with them.?

Hampers said...

I love gift hunting too. Glad to know that you bought extras for sweet add-ons on Christmas gifts. Its time for shopping Christmas gifts.

Gracie said...

Ohh that one also sounds like fun! Yay for Christmas swaps!x

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