Wednesday, August 19, 2009

once read.

23-year-old male character's account. She starts with a question:

"We went to summer camp together. At Glenans, don't you remember?..."

Yeah, I remember Marie, all right. One night, she was telling some of the other kids that she'd surprised a couple of lovers kissing on the beach, and that she'd heard the sound of the girl's panties snapping.

"What did it sound like?" I asked, just to put her on the spot.

She looked me straight in the eye. She pinched her underwear through the cloth of her dress, pulled it back, and let it go.


"Like that," she answered, still looking at me.
I was eleven.


Damn right, I remember. Snap."

-p 69 & 70

by anna gavalda

"Galvalda sees through ordinary appearances to people's hidden longings."-VOGUE


Sarah Alaoui said...

that sounds like a good read.

Stephanie Belen said...

Haha, this sounds great, and what's even more, the title really fits a talk a co-worker and I recently had.

I'll let you in on a little something that I do: I keep a notebook with ideas and future letters to my husband. I'm sure lots of other people do that too.

But anyway, I was telling my coworker that I hope the man I meant to be with is doing the same thing. Writing non-stop to me.

I even told her the poem "At North Farm" by John Ashbery.


And you always pick books that sound so interesting! I need to finish up my current reads and get to this one and "pages for you!"

Micaela said...

Belen, I bet "he" is honey. I can't wait til this great love finds you and we can hear all about your complete happiness!

i completely suggest this book. It's different because it's one of the few short story collections i've read & loved. I've got to read "The Secret of Lost Things" that you posted about. :)


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