Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy busy weekend!!!

Friday Night: BRAZOS STONE playing at the Iron Horse Pub
amazing!!! they always are. I had an AMAZING time with you Lauren!!!!!

Saturday Night: Watched my Lebron James lose to Orlando :(
but it wasn't so bad, since I was with my friends! my bff Maria had her bf Joel (2nd pic) had their friend Carlos visiting and after the game, we went to a Country Bar! I really wanted to dance so I was the only one doing the cuban shuffle in my cowboy boots and shorty shorts. Carlos & Joel DID ride the mechanical bull... so we're even.

last night I went to the casino with my Momma, Auntie, and bro-in-law. I'm not a casino goer, but i did win $160 off of $20, so that was enough for me!!! :) on the slots too!!!!

A busy, busy weekend indeed!!!!!

Happy Monday lovies, I hope your weekend was just as fun, and moreso-- surrounded by fabulous friends & laughter! xo


Nicole Marie said...


The Socialite said...

What fun! Mechanical bull riding?! That's my type of place! haha ;)

Miss Eve said...

What a fun :-)Hope your weekdays are just as lovely as yourself :-)

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