Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i was in need of serious laughs yesterday...

me and bf had a movie date with the Wilsons and saw

pretty raunchy hilarity!!! but i laughed the whole way through.
it was fun and crazy
made me miss vegas

oh and can i just say? mr. upcoming- BRADLEY COOPER. I know he's been around the movies (and recently wasn't he linked to my girl Jen Aniston?) but this one- he had the leading role. i kinda like him there.


CTB said...

This movie was soooo funny! I love Bradley Cooper. He always plays the jerk in movies, but I have such a crush on him!

Micaela said...

don't you just love his name too? i mean it's perfection... Bradley Cooper.

gorgeous gorgeous!
he's my new celeb crush at the moment :)

here's a quote to make you laugh from the movie: "Fat Jesus"

max said...

ha, i just quoted the "fat jesus!"

i think i know you.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I was supposed to be seeing this last night. I heart Bradley Cooper!

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