Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a great monday

great hard work out in spin.
great dinner made for me by my bf, coffee included!
great time spent with my awesome parents- watched a fascinating national geographic documentary on China's Elephant Man.

side story: when i was little, i had this book on the world's oddities (like the monkey girl and the oldest siamese twins) and my favorite story was about the Elephant Man. I loved how he wanted to feel love... and so he dreamt of finding a blind girl who wouldn't be repelled by his appearance.

great time spent with twinkie and lauren watching old episodes of "sex and the city" that related to personal situations. There we were on a Monday night feeling like a Saturday, eating sunflower seeds, breaking for smoke breaks. Lo said, "Man i wish it was only 5 pm" cos as you lovies know, once you start on "Sex and the City," you can't just watch ONE episode. Those ladies got it right. Lauren had finally watched "The Way We Were" because of this post, so we HAD to see the episode where they talk about it. btw.... I'm a kkkatie girl.

i had a GREAT monday. Great.

so this morning? i'm trying to forgive my sweet sweet puppy for making me 15 minutes late to work because i was mourning the loss of my cream colored simply vera wang heel. Yup, my maverick chewed up the heels that make my short legs look long.

I guess that's why Carrie never owned a puppy huh?...

on a serious note: hope you blog babies had an equally GREAT MONDAY! here's to our Tuesdays... xo


Lo said...

I WISH I WERE A KKKATIE GIRL!!! But i'm just the "simple girl"...I'm okay with that but at the same time i don't seem so exciting. Oh HUBBLE. How i LOVE HUBBLE. And i don't want to be a simple girl b/c that's what big's wife NaTasha is. "what a bullshit name. total bullshit" haha.
"is this because i said 'you wanna get Mauied (sp)?'"

Micaela said...

hahahaha "your girl is lovely Hubble."

"I don't get it."- Big
"And you never did..."

sigh. I loooove me some BIG, but oh, the Aiden years. "MAUIED!!!"

Such a perfect evening, indeed! let's get together again sooooon.

The Socialite said...

Here is to us "Katie Girls". Always will be. ;)

love that sex & the city episode! Especially when they start singing! haha

Savvy Mode SG said...

gal pals and i have SATC cupcake parties. : )

Belen said...

"on a serious note: hope you blog babies had an equally GREAT MONDAY! here's to our Tuesdays... xo"

i'm so easily pepped up for the day with a small sentence like that, haha.

Micaela said...

ooh cupcake party sounds lovely and I may have to plan that next time cos Lo doesn't like cosmos (i know right?! jk lauren). Nice to meet you Saavy. :)

vanessa, when they were singing last night we were LAUGHING at samantha. Remember how out of the loop she was.

Belen you are SO CUTE!!! I hope YOU especially had a great Tuesday... it's your 20th birthday isn't it?! :) HAPPY BIRTHAY to the pretty birthday girl

Max said...


mina said...

Thank you for the kind comment! You have a very cute site here - love this Sex and the City photo (it seems like you are a big fan - you should check out my posts on Paris, I dragged Alex to all the places Carrie went to)

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