Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

we made it to the weekend blog babies!!!
i hope you darlings have a great summery one.
the heat in texas is almost unbearable.

i'm looking forward to lounging by the pool with my twinkie at her mother-in-law's. i call her my mother-in-law too.
she's on a business trip and told us we could stay there for a overnight escape.
she even stocked the fridge for us. she's such a darling.

so me & the bf are going with the Wilsons (twinkie + husband).

tonight, i'm going to an art show opening where some of my pappa's artwork is featured. He's so talented, i'm a proud daughter. One of the pieces i've been begging to have for Casa di M. He finally said i could have it, after the gallery is over. yay! I'll snap a pic tonight for you.

yesterday we saw a fabulous acoustic show the museum puts on by the lake. I turned to the bf and told him i was in love. Abbey Laine was just amazing. I wish i had brought my camera. Just her & her guitar and this soulful voice. the one thing i wish wish wish i could do is sing. I would sing all the time.

"i cracked when i tried to press my love..."

is a lyric i remembered. beautiful.

have a fabulous weekend sunshines!!!


Stephanie Belen said...

I shipped your earrings yesterday via USPS. ^_^ I got a tracking code for you: 0308 0660 0000 3313 3817. Can't wait til you get them!


Send & best wishes to pappa darling... Fab weekend! ~Woo-hoo!!
XO as always beautiful!

Micaela said...

Belen i CAN NOT wait to get them!!! :) i love birds and i wear black all the time!!! They can dress up my work clothes and my weekend outfits ;) you are incredibly talented!!! and i can't wait to purchase more things from your cute cute boutique!!! I'll be sure to show them off when i get them. Thx in advance xo

I've missed you Lenorenevermore!!! thank God you kept us going with your scheduled posting! *muah

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