Monday, June 8, 2009

handwritten letters are best.

especially when they're from your pen pal.
and they totally surprise you with a cute little package on your lunch break from work.

Sanja went to Roma reccently, and brought me a minnie 2010 magnetic calendar full of scenes from the place of my absolute dreams: ITALIA.

i dream of all things Italy...

it's sweet and it's perfect, and it meant sooo much that she thought of me while on her italian holiday.

note to self (from her letter): stop shopping so much and save up money, so my bum can visit her in Europe.

Sanja, mi amore bella,


Sanja said...

hahaha, loved this blog... and you should stick to my advice - how to save up money:)))

Micaela said...

i will :)

love you xo

Belen said...

aw! :) i wish i had a pen pal.
and yes yes yes on italy.

italy and australia are really the only places in the world that i feel i MUST go to before i die.

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