Friday, June 5, 2009

first original art buy.

remember when i said i would buy this?
darling friend purchased it for our casa.
[i know, i'm a luuuucky girl]

he knows how much i love art, and we had THE HARDEST time deciding what to hang up in le bedroom. Our walls are a pretty colour too, a light coffee colour.

i had purchased prints from the talented UK artist, Olivia Jeffries before and was enamored with her work. I have never owned an original and was looking for something for Casa di M. voila!

Olivia Jeffries "A Little Unsure"

to me, i liked the ribbon around the finger as a reminder.
A reminder to always love, to always be thankful, to always dream, to always pray.

we also got this print.

thank-you darling friend!!! i can't wait to hang these up in our bedroom. xo
and awesome thanks for Olivia, who made a custom order for little ol me!

*check out Olivia's portfolio, where you can find links to her etsy, blog, & flickr. It's all there.


You Are My Fave said...

Isn't getting a new art piece the best feeling? Especially when it's from a special friend.

The Socialite said...

Those make perfect bedroom art pieces. Very sensual. :)

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