Thursday, June 25, 2009


hello lovies!!! I'm still on vacation with my wonderful wonderful bf, but I couldn't NOT blog on today.

Me and Max were having lunch at the Post Pub (waiting on our personal tour of the Washington Post) when he turned my attention to the screen showing CNN, announcing that Farrah Fawcet had died. I gasped, out loud. This gorgeous sex symbol of a generation had died. It seemed unreal. I told Max that they say it comes in three's... first Ed, her today...

he said, "they always say that" kind of shrugging off me believing that. I did not know I would be talking about my MJ a few hours later.

I LOVE michael jackson. I always have. I even joked with Max that I would let our kids stay at Neverland lol I loved each of his songs, and watching him dance/perform was a favorite of mine and twinkie's. On our ride back to his parent's today we listened to CNN's coverage on Sirius Radio and my heart broke.

It's unreal isn't it? An icon, the King of Pop, A LEGEND, a talented and gifted artist set to go on tour for his comeback died today. With Farrah, we knew it was coming and I'm glad she's not suffering anymore, but my MJ?

so i cried.
real tears.
and sweet bf put his hand on my leg, knowing how upset I was at this breaking news.
After all, one of the first birthday gifts he gave me was MJ's 25th anniversary CD of Thriller.

Michael Jackson, whatever they said about you over the past years that weren't so good... and whatever medical reports will come out about why your big heart failed you today... i still and always loved you. And i KNOW i'm not the only one. You will be missed.

So please sing to my Granddaddy.

My twinkie will sing "American Pie" for me like she did today on the phone with me when we discussed this still shocking news.

The day the music died.


The Socialite said...

"The day the music died"

so chilling & true.

I think everyone was in utter shock. I know I was. It's so unreal...His music will never get old and it will just never be forgotten.

on a lighter note?

Hope you're having a wonderful time and I can't wait to see pictures!

Farah said...

i know..such a loss..but im more worried about his children than anything else...

Geisslein said...

I agree with Farah!

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