Friday, June 12, 2009

such a sweet girl!

Marisa writes ...or so i feel, where she shares her life and darling family with us. She is a lucky, beautiful mom and wife and her blog just makes you happy. She is genuine. You can just tell.

I'm glad we found each other. I just KNEW when i saw her love list and saw fondue, the italian language, and passionate people on it, that we were going to be great friends. oh, and let's not forget her shared secret love for Robert Patison *wink.

Marisa did the "my heart" post and i adored her list to pieces!!!

Not only did she have a lovely list, she said some kind words about me that warmed my heart. Her words really touched me and reminds me how thankful i am for the blogging world...
to feel like i am connected to you lovies, to get to be inspired by each of you i'm lucky to know.

if you haven't met Marisa yet, you need to. i think you will adore her like i do.

ps. Marisa even put this pic of my gf Penelope to show her favorite item of clothing. How cute is she?!?!

*above pic, can't recall where i got it. don't you hate when that happens?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet words... It has been great to find you and others in this blog world... makes you fell less alone when you share your self with others.
I love the collage picture you posted

Micaela said...

I completely meant it :)

and you are so right! you feel less alone and excited about these friends you meet across the state/world. I'm glad for it.

here's to our friendship! xo

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