Monday, June 15, 2009

new week!!!

Good morning sunshines!!!

I hope you are off to a lovely Monday, after a great weekend.
I had a fabulous time this weekend!!!

i have pictures to share later.
The art show Friday evening (with some of my pappa's art work-- hurray!) had a nice turn-out and any time i spend with my parents & darling friend is my happy time.

our out-of-town overnight trip was exactly what i needed... a bit of sun/ lounging by the pool all day and night/ shopping.

i haven't felt this care-free in a long time...
i'm a happy girl.
life is good.

*pic from once wed.


Meg Fee said...

yay, i'm so glad that you're happy. this makes me happy!!

The Socialite said...

That sounds so splendid. Poolside, shopping, relaxing surrounded by people you love - could there be anything better?!

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