Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the perfect accessory to any of my outfits

When i saw these on Belen's Boutique, i HAD to have them!!!
truth be told, i really wish i was the girl to pull of jewelry with every outfit.
most times i have my spoon ring and that's about it. Belen's jewelry may have changed my mind.

when i saw these, i was in love and knew they would work with anything!!!
aren't they gorgeous? beautiful detail?

i was sooo happy to get them after a sucky end of my work day.
i wasn't expecting them and so it meant even more to open up a package containing beautiful earrings and a sweet note from Belen. She said these would look good with my pretty eyes and smile. Belen you are a darling girl and becoming such a great friend to me. You made my day and you didn't even know it. Thank-you!!! xo

if you haven't visited Belen's Boutique on Etsy, well why haven't you? *wink
you can find her adorable blog here.

ps. she's a filipina like me, except she's full filipino. That makes us sisters :)

1 comment:

Stephanie Belen said...

aww! they look so good on you! :) i'm happy you like them. filipina sisters all the way. ^_^

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